Shirt for husband

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Hello everyone, I present to you a reviewthe shirt that I bought for my husband. A lot of goods were bought by me for myself for my son, but my husband always somehow stayed away. So I decided to surprise him.
I’ll explain right away that my husband is very slender, just like cypress)))) we usually buy 44-46 size in the store, with a rare case of 48. Choosing him a shirt on Ali's site firstI decided that she would be with a short sleeve, since our size is small, and our hands are long and usually if the thing is well-seated in the shoulder and the sleeve is short on the torso. Given all this, I did not take any chances and chose this model (besides, he does not like strongly bright catchy colors). The biggest size from the seller was L and I ordered it.
I got this shirt, given last year's dollar exchange rate for 241 rubles. (the price is of course ridiculous) you can’t buy a regular summer shirt cheaper than 500 rubles in a store.
Well, let's get started ...

If you generally describe it as a purchase, it is enough, but did not like a lot of sticking threads from the seams, I had to process and remove everything.

In general, I liked the shirt, on the one hand it seems simple, on the other it looks interesting.
Regarding her husband’s reaction, she wasn’tunequivocal, he was surprised and pleased with my purchase. True, he measured me a little upset, he sits well, but it’s not very convenient to do something in it, the material is hard enough, as if starched. Where it is softer in the cage, it looks like cotton, and the gray insert does not even know cotton with polyester, I probably don’t know much about fabrics, and there are no additional labels and tags with the composition.
With our 44-46, this size L is small, I would like a little more.

Well, that’s all, if you have questions, please be sure to answer)))