Cheapest USB Sound Card

A friend's laptop has a dead sound card, repair is unprofitable, because the laptop is old.
But this does not matter - a usb sound card will come to our aid!
I was looking for the cheapest, I chose with a wire.
I know that such a sound output has a constant voltage of 2.5 volts. Checked with a multimeter - this constant does not. When music plays voltage is 0.01-0.02v
Briefly - completely arranged, expected the worst).
Further pictures and disassembly disassembly
As usual - plugged in, waited until the drivers are installed, and that's it - you can listen to music).
By sound - I listened through the speakers, I didn’t notice the difference from the built-in sound (motherboard msi mATX at 1155), there are basses (speakers with subwoofer).
Headphones connected cheap Philips - loudly, the sound is not distorted.
In general, I bought 10 pieces, 1 friend, but I’ll sell the rest - we have 500 r each)

1 piece turned out to be not working, I took it apart - the case rests exclusively on pins - no latches.
And the reason is that the wiring fell off along with the contact pad, but this is not scary - there is a contact pad on the back. But the Chinese regretted the solder).
Well, I pulled the remaining wiring - it seems to hold tight.
My recommendation is to solder it from the back and fix the wires with hot glue or something else

For fans of unpacking

Thanks for attention!!!