The cheapest phone from China to make calls safely!

Looking for a cheap chinese phone? You have a very limited budget or need a simple dialer, then this review is for you. I bought on group purchases for $ 10.7 after the seller raised the price by 100 rubles
Hello friends, as I said today we will talk about an inexpensive phone from China, and maybe also the cheapest. I bought a phone for aliexpress in the section"Group purchases." Due to the low cost - $ 10, I ordered this device. Year of release - 2003, that is, the phone is restored. Now let's move on to the package.
The phone was sent by Netherlands post (it took 15 days) in a cardboard box.

Next, the phone itself and charging, the seller carefully wrapped everything in a little wad

Charging is also in a bubble

Charging at 0.3A, for a phone with a capacity of 890 mAh, it’s completely fine

Now go directly to the phone itself. The phone is black.

At the top end there is a flashlight and mounts for putting on the strap

On the bottom is the charging connector and microphone, it looks dirty

Under the cover is a BL-4C battery with a capacity of 890 mAh

Under the battery is a slot for a SIM card (regular SIM)

The following is a model of a telephone, IMEI codes, in capital letters MADE IN FINLAND

I will give examples of the photo menu

To summarize.
- long battery life
- simple and intuitive interface
-not a quiet speaker
- not expensive
no Russian language
-After capacitive screens, it’s not that hard to press, but during the first 5 minutes your fingers get tired.
So my review came to an end, I would like to say that, in general, the phone will work for its money, but it will be difficult for the elderly, since it does not have Russian.