The cheapest eyebrow trimmer from China and more ...

Today I want to briefly share the recent purchase of the eyebrow trimmer on the Aliexpress website, and besides, perhaps the cheapest one that can exist. I ask for cat.
The trimmer was bought by acquaintances, as I myself use the company trimmer from the company Philips and honestly, I was very worried about the quality of the trimmer that I ordered in China, but as it turned out in vain.
So the package arrived quickly enough, although it was not tracked ...

Inside there was no kind of packaging, they didn’t even put a little pimple ... It is understandable for that price. Inside was the following:
1. The trimmer itself in the form of a pen or female mascara, as you like;
2. A small brush for cleaning blades;
3. Eyebrow brush

Overall dimensions are as follows:

The device is powered by one AAA battery, it is inserted very simply - the lower part is simply pulled off.
In a disassembled form, it all looks like this:

Now a few words about usage. To my personal surprise, the trimmer shaves almost perfectly, the only one works quite loudly, but this does not affect the quality of the haircut.
The design itself certainly looks not quitereliably, but I repeat the device copes with its task and at the moment there is only one question: how long the trimmer will work and how quickly the blades become dull.
Let's sum up:
1. Cost
2. Shaves well
3. Not a bad design
1. Noisy
2. The quality of materials and assembly is not high
3. Missing packaging
Considering the cost of the trimmer, we can recommendto buy, because even if it does not last long (but not fact) the money was not wasted in vain, especially if you look at the cost of branded trimmers. Thanks for attention.