Smart card readers for 1 cent. November 3, 2016

Good afternoon, everyone.
This is my first review, so I ask for leniency and do not kick in pain :).
November 3, after reading a review of / blog / discounts / 46353.html about a store offering goods for 1 cent, I decided to play this game too and made an order. Over the course of the day, messages began to slip through the comments that the seller began asking customers to cancel orders, citing an error when setting the price. In the comments to the review, a dispute began: whether the seller is honest and whether the ordered goods will be sent.
I also received such a letter, but decided not to cancel the order, but to see what will happen next.
Then there was a correspondence with the seller:
2016-11-03 00:58:37
Dear Valued Customer
Really sorry for that, Just because my new salesmake mistake for this product, really hope you can help me cancel the order (You can choose the reason: i donot want this order; OR Processing time is out of my expection; OR other reasons), Really need your help, Nowadays i am in too much pressure, Or my boss will fire me, I see you are so kind and helpful.
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Angel From Zoweetek Aliexpress Team The order was accepted 02.11.2016.
The goods were sent on 11/19/2016.
Received December 1, 2016.
The reader is packed in a paper box without marking, and on the device itself, there is no marking either.
There is no instruction either, but there is a driver disk.

Below, under the glued legs are four screws, which you can unscrew, which you can see the “insides”, and also understand that this reader cannot read the magnetic tape of simple bank cards.

In real life, I only saw such a toy inone familiar private entrepreneur. All that he could explain to me was that this “thing” was given to him by his bank along with a card, which serves as the key for banking operations via the Internet. The drivers and the banking program were put on his laptop in the bank, so he couldn’t tell me anything else.
The search returned only one review of a similar device
In general, at the moment of application of this deviceI don’t have :(. I am not a private entrepreneur and I make all banking payments via the Internet and offline with my simple card without resorting to personal readers. Maybe some of the businessmen I need will need it ...
Animals ...

P.S. The review is written for several reasons:
- Firstly, this is my first, not cheap, product bought for 1 cent. In all other cases, sellers simply delayed sending and money returned.
- secondly, I promised the seller that if hewill send the goods, I will advertise his store in social networks, etc. According to this, although it was an honest purchase of goods for 1 cent, I put a checkmark - The goods are provided by the store.