A heart-shaped pendant or an ode to human naivety and curiosity. Endspiel in the saga of Chinese silver.

Not all that glitters is gold
The text set out below in no way claims to be the ultimate truth. It contains elements of bias and outrageous readers without ch.u. - Be lenient.
In short - the silver in the medallion seems to be as it is, but it seems to be as it is not)
As you know, repetition is the mother of learning, thereforeI’ll immediately warn you that for Muscovites with the experience of having a dog eating online shopping in a field, the review will not be interesting or informative, it’s difficult to surprise them with something, and this review will definitely make them feel like a certain deja vu. Therefore, it is addressed, first of all, to neophytes of online shopping and people who recently use this resource.
It's time to get down to business. And it was like that .......
(N.B .: 29 pictures without spoilers, about 19 thousand printed characters. TRAFFIC !!!)
1. The product is not made of silver. Naturally))). Although, a little Ag in the pendant is.
2. The appearance of the subject of the review is not satisfactory.
3. Long delivery (63 days). It is contraindicated to order people psychologically emotionally labile, prone to haste and neurasthenia, suspicious.
4. Prices are windy and unstable like ... the weather in early May. Evidence below.
5. "Red price" of the goods - up to 100 p.
6. To date, this seller does not have for sale, but others have.
Part one. About the subject of purchase.
Quite a lot has been written about the silver content in products from aliexpress, and not only from it, but at a price of one dollar, and no less
- for example, these:
Knowingly risking calling your fairindignation, because, as you know, “Repeated twice is nice to us, but for the third time it was ashamed”, nevertheless I will return again to this subject, traveled far and wide. Yes, everything is quite clear and quite expected, I did not intend to return to this question, and there would have been no sense if it weren’t for one thing. The child grows up and begins to independently, energetically, energetically and quite successfully master the trading floors, within the limits of the funds established by the limits on the card (of course, not from the ones from the previous reviews). I occasionally (take care of my health) and unobtrusively, but nevertheless I monitor both the expenditure operations and the assortment of ordered goods, smoothing the hair on my head periodically standing on end and sorting through some familiar obscene expressions in it, while somehow I accidentally turned attention to this locket (or pendant in seller terminology). What was the impetus for the demand for this product from the younger generation remained a mystery, as well as what prompted me to read several reviews on the product page, especially from its previous buyers from the Russian Federation, of which there were more than 1000 in total.
I was amazed. Fair. Yes, we must pay tribute, the majority of fellow citizens quite reasonably and soberly evaluated their purchase, without illusions about the material of the thing and paying tribute to the merits of the medallion as such.

Some expressed doubts about this.

A minority of compatriots are still quite confident and enthusiastic, although they naively wrote in their reviews: “excellent silver, 925 test”, etc.
In general, read for yourself, opinions are rather heterogeneous, but all of them, one way or another, are penetrated through these three red lines.

Since this piece of jewelry in the end, aftera long ordeal, nevertheless fell into my hands, and why not, I thought, and I devoted this text to all these, no doubt worthy, but somewhat overly trusting people. Yes, once again. Perhaps thanks to him their feedback on products of this kind will be more realistic, and purchases more meaningful and pragmatic.
The price of goods with delivery originally fit intothe cost of two trips on city public transport (52 p.). During the time that has elapsed since the order of the goods, the seller’s conditions of sale have changed repeatedly, at some point in time in the Russian Federation delivery has become paid, and the final price has increased by 200% in relation to the amount I paid.

It seems, and a little money, but for this product Inow it would be a pity to pay them. But I'm a boy, girls can think differently) It is worth paying attention to the fact that the price of the product varied greatly by the days of the week)) Sometimes the pricing policy generally became absurd, was on the verge of surrealism. Here it is - the predatory grin of capitalism, remember, after all: "... Bolivar cannot stand two ..."

In recent days, the product is not available for sale, butcan be easily found at other sellers by the contextual query “LQ-P335” and at a more reasonable price. Moreover, with other sellers who are more honest in the description of the goods, sales are significantly lower

On the way, the goods were very long (or I spoiled inlately, or logistics has let us down and the order path ran in strict order through all countries and continents of the globe, without exception, or it was delivered on foot along the path beaten by Evert Izbrant, it is not known, the track provided to me was not tracked after 5 days. After a short call to the subject “where is my purchase?” I was sad, offended, subjected the seller in absentia to ostracism and anathema, even prepared for ritual actions, bought wax figures, named one of them in the seller’s name, sharpened needles, studied the corresponding spells, but the goods arrived in time, glory to providence, a little sin didn’t get it. But nevertheless, “sulpa poena par esto,” so of course I joked about malicious intentions regarding the seller)
I will make a reservation right away: as such, I have no complaints about the medallion (if you leave out the brackets the very need for its presence in everyday life as such). The customer of the goods was completely satisfied with him, she is not yet so mercantile and the appearance of a thing is more important for her than its content. Yes, and a long wait only fueled the desire to get hold of a little thing.
The weight of the product is small, the chain is short, andit’s rather flimsy in appearance, it seems to me that it’s worth immediately exchanging it for something more impressive - when folded in half, the chain length is 25 cm.

After all these measurements and photo shoots in the showerI (once again not to sympathize with poor Billy Milligan again) once again awoke Iron Man. Well, we will not restrain ourselves and for warming up we will make a control shot with x-rays at a domestic product that does not have a hallmark, but is purchased in a serious bank.

Although nowadays the presence of a stigma is not always100% guaranteed. There were cases when in gold products with the hallmark of 585 samples, from jewelry stores and for the corresponding cost, only this was found in the material (

although in theory their owners would be entitled to expect a completely different picture

Whether near the eastern borders of our vast countryclouds are gathering and powder metallurgy is developing by leaps and bounds among neighbors and crossing permissible boundaries, or some other reason from the realm of mystification and illusionism, sleight of hand and the lack of an elementary civic conscience bordering on crime. Cui ridet Fortuna, eum ignorat Femida. I don’t know, but the owners of these products are sad. But this is a completely different story ....
Well, we got up, through the thorns of words, to the moment of truth, the apotheosis of the narrative. What is our product made of?
Everything turned out to be quite expected and a surprise, in the described case, was not in store.


As you can see, the medallion may have lain on oneshelf next to silver. Due to this, if we allow some transcendental transfer or emanation of silver ions, my purchase was unexpected for myself and was enriched by them from a nearby silver product. What did you want for that kind of money? Silvering - it’s like: it’s like there is silver, but it’s almost not like it)
Well, everything is fine, a little bit of silver has been found, the color is really “silver”, and the composition of the alloy is “metallic” and at least harmless, the appearance meets expectations.
Yes, and why wonder, and why blameEntrepreneurs with Ali, when even more serious and eminent manufacturers are a little cunning, most likely, in line with PR and an advertising company regarding their products.
I will give two examples from my own experience.
Panasonic Iron Model www.panasonic.com/ru/consumer/home-appliances/irons/ni-e510.html
On the box we see that the manufacturer was pleased for our good, did not stint and created an eternal sole with a titanium coating.

In fact, of course there is titanium in the coating of the aluminum sole, and therefore it is impossible to convict him of cheating. The only question is the quantity of this titanium itself.

2. Miniland thermos model www.minilandbaby.com/ru/produktsiya/kormlenie/item/550-food-soft-thermo
An additional layer of copper is promised as part of the steel body of the product, and it really is there.

A play on words, the correct construction of phrases and no deception)
It remains only to hope that the manufacturerreally knows what he is doing and laying down the required substance quantum satis, and not how he will, and this will not affect the consumer characteristics of the products.
The method I have not always used is available, to satisfy curiosity you can try various folk remedies, but I did not use them, I will not undertake to evaluate their effectiveness.
Naturally, no complaints to the sellerpresented. Moreover, being an unremarkable man, I gifted him with a number of stars slightly less than on the flag of our overseas “partner friends”. On the reviews page, I wrote everything as is, giving a link to the review. I think they will publish why not.
For all its obviousness, following the results of the purchase forI was left unsolved only the meaning of the manufacturer applying on the component parts of the product (chain lock and the back of the pendant) magical and mesmerizing our minds, contrary to all logic, the numbers "925". Either this is some mysterious hieroglyph that has sacred power and captivates buyers, pushes them to rash actions, or Chinese manufacturers believe that this is an indispensable attribute of metal products used in the Russian Federation, and without it, access to their goods across the border will be closed. I do not know. But one thing is clear, if “SONY”, “КАМАZ”, “007” were written on the products, the meaning in the text and its connection with the product’s material would be no less. As a working hypothesis, I will assume that most likely we are talking about the color scheme of the new product, and these numbers mean that this color is similar to the color of the jewelry made from real Ag 925. Although it would be more honest to write: “7.8”)
The price of the product consists of manycomponents: price per gram of metal, manufacturing work, delivery, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the border of value beyond which, with a high degree of probability, it will be possible to judge which metal the product is made of. But it will obviously be more than one dollar for a small silver trinket, and it is unlikely that the price will be very different from the price of a similar group of goods in a local store. And the price is not the exact and only reference point, the seller exhibited the same product for 500 rubles, which could provoke some hope for a potential buyer for a noble metal. Although, in principle, you can not burden yourself with such thoughts and continue to safely experience euphoria, engage in self-complacency and successfully lull yourself, juggling with the terms "sterling silver" and "$ 1".
Many well-known domestic manufacturers inthe pursuit of profitability and profit, unfortunately, introduced restrictive barriers to the online purchase of silver products directly from them. For example, this manufacturer www.sevchern.ru/catalog/kole-podveski/medalon-10130008a06/ the minimum order amount starts from 5 tr It’s a pity, you will have to orientate yourself at the local sellers from jewelry stores in the old fashioned way - since their choice is still quite large.
Continuation of a story
“Walking is like walking,” I thought, and soI decided to measure the gamma radiation power and the alpha and beta radiation flux density near the product and compare them with the background values ​​for the room. So, just in case. Although I relate with great reverence and fully trust the customs control in general and the Yantar system in particular. The medallion is something to wear my child ....

The medallion had no effect on the original readings.device. Gamma power is within normal limits, beta radiation flux density also did not change near the purchase, as, however, the alpha radiation value did not go beyond the natural background.
Conclusion: the medallion - “silver-free” is not only not toxicologically hazardous, but also safe in radiation terms.
A big request to people who are knowledgeable in jewelry, to share information on how official Chinese assay marks look (similar to domestic всёоювелирке.рф/%D0%BA%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%B9%D0%BC%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B5#met5 ) I know how to use Google, but I could not find it myself, although the interest is exclusively idle to broaden my horizons. In our country, a special structure is in charge of these issues.
And how are they?
Unanswered questions. I hope that I will receive answers to them in the comments of users.
1. Nevertheless, do these assay hallmarks of the PRC exist and what are they?
2. Does anyone have experience buying gold products from China.
Well, now about the sad. Finita la commedia. Having reached at this point in time, like Gandalf Gray, its culmination, catharsis, the maximum degree of enlightenment in the question of bling from the heavenly places, having completed gestalt, I do not plan to further develop this topic. I think that I have already sore eyes to the permanent inhabitants of the resource and the methods used and my verbiage (
Although, who knows - "Omnia transeunt et id transibit quoque" ...
East is a delicate matter
Well, the final touch, from the heart)
Part two. Thinking out loud is not about the product.
Cessante causa cessat effectus
P.S. for potential discussion participants.
1. Lovers of Russian literature - save energy for other good purposes.
2. For the autopsy results - to the doctor pathologist.
3. The culture of communication is the key to success in the dialogue.
4. Do not hold back your emotions, write a review, it will become easier for everyone.
5. There are no funds for the services of a professional photographer.
6. I am only interested in the national features of shopping.
7. In the review there are not only a lot of pictures, but there is also a bit of text.
8. At first I think, and then I do.
9. Do not minus, and wake up not minus, I don’t have any hopes for the prize fund, the process itself is of interest ...
10. Let's live together.
Since I already have some publishing experiencereviews on this resource, and not only on it, to everyone who wishes to take part in the controversy over the product, I will remind you of a few simple provisions that do not contradict the rules of the site. I have great respect for all users of the resource, however, since, though occasionally, some still appear here - I won’t say odious, but somewhat extraordinary characters - let's decide right away:
1. Claims on the style, spelling, grammar and punctuation of the review text are not accepted, I will not listen to them. Point out your mistakes too. Leave this to my conscience and the Worda spell checker. The Russian language is quite complex in itself, even as a native language. Of course, it deserves thorough study and proper application, a long time ago in school I had a mark of four in this subject. There is no limit to perfection, a hundred meters in 9.58 s. philologists and other activist linguists, probably, still do not do everything. And the purpose of the text, in this case, is far from the school dictation, presentation and composition combined. Focus on the characteristics of the product and its consumer properties. Do not judge strictly, this resource is intended for the gurus in the field of shopping, and not for communication and measuring the causal parts of the body of graduates of linguistic departments.
Additional Information

2. I do not plan to disassemble, saw, dismember or otherwise mock the product; please refrain from commenting on this topic. I buy things for my money and I’m going to at least somehow, but use them for their intended purpose. This is not p. 18. Otherwise, the meaning of the purchase is lost. Anyway, I prefer noninvasive methods for studying objects. If you are very interested in the internal component of the subject - nothing prevents, to the delight of the Chinese comrades, to order the goods and personally check on their purchase.
3. I do not intend to conduct a dialogue in a boorish and categorical, mentor tone, do not provoke me to this, I ask you. Comments in this vein will not go unanswered, qui seminat mala, metet mala, but a parity answer requires time that you don’t want to waste. It is better to spend it on communication with your family, with close people - both to you and me. If something requires explanation, this can be clarified politely, unequivocally and without trolling. Humor, curiosity, sound criticism, irony are welcome. Believe me, I am very far from the position: "There are two opinions: mine and wrong."
4. I will not answer to comments like “why do we need it here”, “it was better not to”, “bought - he’s a fool himself”. As a rule, such comments are made by “avid professional commentators”, users of the resource, whose history (profile) of the assets is 0-1 review and 2000 comments in negative tonality. Comments are good, they are necessary, truth is born in discussions and debates, but without positive coloring, without rational grain, they often present an example of unconstructive and unproductive thinking. Do not waste your time in vain. The resource has enough and more worthy reviews to read and your active participation in the debate on goods. I assure you, after you overcome your shyness and laziness, make a purchase and publish your first review, the color of your comments will change and become more tolerant.
5. Comments on the quality of photos will leave unanswered. Believe me, not being a professional photographer, I did the maximum that I am capable of today. As well as the design of the review (spoilers, not spoilers ...). In the end: "I am an artist, I see so ...". Unfortunately, I’m not 16 years old to pay attention to such nuances. All of them are made independently, for some time now I have been trying not to use strangers. I think that links to videos of other authors from YouTube are not a flagrant offense.
6. I have sufficient respect for people of other nationalities living in other countries near and far abroad. But, since I myself live and will live in the Russian Federation, and the resource is also Russian, I do not study the features of currencies and methods of delivery to other regions and are not interested in them. It has no practical meaning for me. On the seller’s page you can find all the answers to questions of interest in this area.
7. If you are reading this text, it means that the subject of the review is of interest to you, I hope that you are not supporters of the reading style “diagonally”, in this case many questions disappear on their own, thereby diminishing the essence, i.e. number of comments. In the review there are photographs, and, as it is not surprising, the text too. In any case - remember, nothing in this world lasts forever, a review is like a plucked flower, everyone will forget about it in 3-5 days and it will wither.
8. Your opinions on the subject matter of the review are very important to me, but in order not to lose the meaning of your comments, edits, after the publication of the review, they will not be introduced into it, everything will remain “as is”. To think that you write, it is necessary “before”, and not “after”, well, or “what is written with a pen cannot be cut down with an ax”, that’s just what you like. Fundamental additions may be presented under the footnotes of P.S. or N.B.
Separately, I address a few words fierce and true into my not always justified and righteous anger, to the gentlemen “minusers” (or “minus minists”, or “minusologists”), a kind of “dementors” of the resource - to the rating system, to all these crosses and dashes I relate without undue emotions, we can say I’m skeptical, I don’t put minus signs myself, if only by chance I click the mouse next to the next arrow, the likes - to those reviews and comments that I liked. Although I am fully aware of the need and importance of this system in the normal functioning of the site. Please, in this regard, act without fanaticism. Yes, of course, a kind word is also pleasant for a cat, and when someone was positively appreciating your work, much less. However, by and large, pampering all this, especially in the context of eternal values. On the other hand, no good deed should go unpunished, therefore, for + I guarantee you “Thank you” on my part. Although the residents of Minusinsk should probably be treated with understanding in this matter)
Additional Information

Additional Information

I hope that between the lines did not loomclassic "Monsieur, but not mange pa sis jour. Goeben world si bitte etvas kopek auf dem stuck ford. Give something to the former State Duma deputy. ” Another well-known phrase would be more appropriate: “Not for profit, but only by the will of the wife who sent me.”
Other users who want to chat infriendly style, constructively, I apologize for the time spent reading the above paragraphs that are not relevant to the subject of the review. I look forward to your mutual understanding in the context of the above problems.
And welcome!
The review was created on a non-profit basis, inpersonal time. I have not received and will not receive any profit or gesheft. I want to please those who did not like the review (well, or upset those who liked). I am not a mega-professional surveyor, I buy all the necessary things near the habitat, that little thing that is bought on trading floors for personal needs, as a rule, is of little interest in itself, and even more so for a wide range of people. Therefore, I do not plan to part with reviews due to the lack of objects worthy of your attention.
Who is interested in the fate of rabbits from the book "Inhabitants of the hills" - the book has a sequel.

With best wishes from 52 regions to all users of the resource.
All photographs were taken in his hometown with his own hand, without violating anyone's copyright