silver chain

Like most normal men, I am very skeptical of the idea of ​​buying cosmetics and jewelry in online stores. Moreover, I do not understand this at all!
Yes, and some offline - too (for example, buying gold in a Turkish shop on a "sightseeing" tour, "free" offered by a guide - brrrrrr!).
But during the “game of coins” before the sale of 11.11, a lot of coupons from stores were pouring in to me, which are of little interest to me.
I threw off links to shops to my wife, offered to choose ...
And this is what came of it.
The seller sent a package with the track 18.11, and on 7.12 I already picked it up in my mail.
Standard yellow bag with a little bubble inside:

In the envelope was a booklet and a maaaaaaaalenky zip-lock:

So small that a picture with the same meme would be appropriate here:

The length of the chain corresponds to the description:

There is an S925 test on the chain, it would be necessary to check, but, I'm afraid, the cost of examination in a jewelry store will exceed the price of this fixture.

There were no jewelry scales in the household, and weighing in the kitchen was somehow inappropriate.
+ inexpensive
+ silver (like)
- a thin chain (measured with a barbell - about 0.75 mm), although for that kind of money it will go for jewelry, but not like jewelery.
I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning p. 18, since a two-dollar coupon significantly reduced the price to obscene 380 rubles. ;-))))))
Well, I don’t know how to write reviews on products that I don’t understand at all, especially since I still couldn’t get away from the New Year’s trip to the K ********** jewelry store.
UPD: I’ll duplicate my own comment in the post:
IMHO reviews, a brief summary of which can be expressed in one phrase: “Goods - shit, I do not advise you to buy!” should be too.