Gray shirt dress with button fastening

Hello. I want to share with you a review on a dress that has become one of my favorite in my style. However, I have practically all my “favorite” things, because I myself buy them and choose them according to my taste. If the thing did not like, then it would not have appeared in my closet. Everything is logical here =)
I didn’t find this dress myself, I came across reviews about it and ordered by the same link where I read the review. Unfortunately, at the moment, the link has burned out, so I found the dress in other stores.
Link 1.
Link 2.
Despite the fact that in the store where it was madepurchase, this dress is no longer there, I still want to give a link to the store, as they have a good assortment of women's clothing. Suddenly, look at something, I already have some things in my desires =)
Link to the store.
The dress liked its appearance. It, on the one hand, is suitable for walking, and on the other hand, it is not a shame to appear in this, for example, at school / work (if there is no dress code). The length is not short, there are no provocative cuts, etc. This dress creates a cute and simple look.
There are two pockets on the chest that fasten with buttons.

Cuffs, like on shirts. Also with buttons.

The dress itself is fastened from top to bottom onmetal buttons. I have some concern about the quality of the buttons. It seems to me that the material has the property of being oxidized and can stain clothes, so during drying it is necessary to follow the buttons and look through them in time to notice the oxidation, if any.

There is no tag with the composition of the material. The seller’s page says that the fabric is made of cotton and linen. To the touch it is. I want to note that the material does not stretch, and you need to carefully choose the size. Personally, I lost a little. Dress tightly sits in the chest. It was necessary to take a size larger, but I just wanted the “fit” to be more noticeable, so I chose a smaller one.

Single tag:

I ordered the river S., on the chest 85cm and waist 63cm.
- chest 84cm,
- waist 70cm,
- shoulders 35cm,
- sleeve length 63cm,
- length 90cm.
Measurements correspond to the dimensional grid.
The seams are even. All whole, no holes. Of course, there are several protruding threads, they can be seen in the photo with cuffs and near the pockets.

On me:
Conclusion: In general, I like it, but there are some nuances. On the chest a little bit, but not critical. If you put on a thinner lower whiter, then it is better. I just did not think that the dress would be inelastic. Of the minuses, I want to note some crooked tailoring below. Along the edge, everything is smooth, but when I fasten the dress on all the buttons, then in the area of ​​the last one, almost at the very bottom, the dress doesn’t want to fit correctly, for some reason it sticks out. In the photo from the reviews, I did not notice this, or the photos are successful, or other buyers are a bit more successful =)
I’m short, and so that the dress below is notsticking out, do not fasten it on the last button. With my growth, nothing superfluous is visible and the issue is resolved. But the minus is the minus, that's why I am talking about it.
Thank you for watching.