Three USB port AC charger code-named “BYL-3003L”

Good day to all readers!
Today we consider a three-port charging, which, thanks to the presence of a network cable, has good ambitions to become a convenient bedside accessory.
However, we will be consistent and state everything in order: first, an external inspection, then disassembly and electrical measurements at the end of the curtain.
The seller offers two options to choose frombody colors of the body (black / blue) and two options for the format of the network plug (EU / US). In principle, this is enough to start using directly out of the box. More precisely from the blister.

(Since the technical specifications do not depend on the color of the plastic, then only blue is shown in the photo)
The power supply housing is made in the form of an elongated (~ 126 mm) parallelepiped, with rounded ends.

The section is almost square; the height exceeds the width by only a couple of millimeters: 23 versus 21.

The “useful” length of the network cable is about 70 cm. This is without taking into account the sealing insert and plug.

Forks ... forks, by the way, in both casesturned out to be of European format, as was requested. This gives certain reasons to believe that the packers in the warehouse do not confuse the goods and complete the parcels strictly by order.
As for the declared technical characteristics, then there was some confusion ...

And so, with regard to electrical measurements, thenfrom each port I was able to stably “unscrew” 1.75 amperes at a voltage of ~ 5.2 volts. With a further increase in load, the voltage dropped below the “baseboard”.
Port No. 1 (from left to right)

port number 2

Port number 3

Such a “synchronization” of readings very clearly suggested that the ports are parallel, and the difference in their labeling is nothing more than a marketing ploy.

Check this hypothesis of labor was not. So, when a load resistor was connected to port No. 1, the voltage also dropped at port No. 3.

However, it is worth paying tribute that the current strength was 1.86 amperes.

Dismantling and insides

+ Form factor (block + cable) in some situations it is very convenient
+ The presence of three ports
+ The presence of a fuse in the electrical circuit
+ Ability to select the format of the electric plug (European / American)
± Ability to select the color of the case (black / blue)
± Modest specifications. However, sufficient to recharge undemanding consumers (audio players, smart watches, mobile phones, mb small power banks)
- confusing port and technical marking
- hellish signal LED burns out the retina and enters the brain. Treated with electrical tape.
Now goodbye. Be good!