Silicone gum to create different hairstyles. The thing that is constantly in my purse!

Hello. Initially, it was planned to write the most standard review, but as soon as I started looking for photos using these rubber bands, certain periods from my life flashed before my eyes, so I wanted to introduce you a little
I don’t know how you will react to such a review, but I hope you enjoy it.
I will not go into any details, everything will be superficial and with a minimum of unnecessary information, but, nevertheless, this review is different from my previous ones
I have been buying silicone rubber bands for a very long time. We saw and bought packaging from us, in which only 100 pieces of gum and the cost, as it turned out, was higher than if I ordered gum from China. In addition, on Ali, I found very convenient packages in which 1000 gum each lasts for a long time.
And it all started with the fact that one girl I braided several French braids, the so-called braids.
Oh, don’t ask how old I am here, but it was quite a while

After that, I really liked the braids, besides,at that time, I still had long hair and I began to get involved in pigtails myself. Fortunately, my hands grew from the right place, I am a patient and assiduous person.
I began to braid such braids myself, it turned out quite well:

Over time, I came to the conclusion that such braids can be braided on one side. This option seemed more convenient and original to me:

All this time I used siliconerubber bands. They are comfortable and miniature. On one pigtail, I took two rubber bands to insure myself, suddenly one of them bursts. Silicone, in this case, still has the ability to stretch, dry out and lose its original shape.
I weaved such braids not only to myself, but alsothe male gender. Yes, yes, it was for him
Over time, in any of my bag or backpackthese gum started to wallow. I always carried them with me, just in case, I suddenly decided to someone or myself to braid the braids. This is happening to this day. Unfortunately, now I rarely weave interesting braids, but I use rubber bands all the time. Two ponytails, the usual two braids ... as soon as the hair begins to interfere, I braid them in an instant.
I mentioned that I wear gum all the time. On one of the attacks, I also used them:

On one of the triumphant holidays, I again brought gum with me, because I thought of braiding three braids. Central reminds me of a dragon

Even just sitting at home, not going anywhere, for the sake of interest I tried to braid the braids in different ways:

At the moment I have been several yearsrelatively short hair. I do not regret that I cut them, I wanted a new one and to this day I go with similar haircuts. Erasers are needed mainly to make the "baby". I like such a simple and light hairstyle, where the face is open from the hair. Loose hair, of course, is my priority, but "Malvinka" is one of the constant hairstyles:

I ordered gum on Ali. They have been with me for more than half a year now, probably about 8-9 months. Until now, there are many of them and being in unopened packaging nothing happens to them. Do not dry out
Use as needed. As soon as they finish, I will immediately order more.

I ordered one link. There are different colors to choose from. As you can see, I chose standard black and bright multi-colored ones.
Black is number 3, and multi-colored is number 11.



This is how new and already used lookgum. The latter are more stretched. They are suitable for reuse, but then the chance is increased that the gum can burst at any time, so it is better to take a new one.

Gum stretches well. My hair is thick. If you make two ponytails, then, as always, I take two rubber bands for each. Holds normally, periodically correct. If you make one tail, then the elastic often tear from stretching, as soon as I put them on the tail. And then they slide, since there is no way to twist them as many times as needed.

Perfect for braids. At the bottom of the braid, hair is always thinner if you have it profiled, so using these elastic bands is very convenient.
Examples of pigtails made by me using such rubber bands:

Conclusion: if you like to braid or love to be woven to you, then these gum bands are only to help this. The price is adequate. I didn’t count how many rubber bands really were in the package, but there are a lot of them. I think that there is + -, but the correct number. I advise you to buy.
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