Roller - organizer for BUBM cables

BUBM Organizers ( - oooh very leisurely site) have already watched redlightgreen several times (BUBM Organizers, BUBM Organizers, BUBM Organizers), however, the assortment of the company is more than wide and exhausting it is not so simple.
I ordered myself two organazers. About the simplest - cable organizerI’ll tell you in this review, but about the second - a handbag for an external drive (bought, however, as a handbag for Xiaomy power bank) some other time, because at the moment it is used for its intended purpose.
The organizer is simple in design and adding to its description anything other than what can be seen in the photographs is quite difficult.

The dimensions are very small, in the photographs it seems to be larger than it is.

Empty weight is 34 grams.

The organizer is made of high quality and high quality materials. The fabric of the outer surface is dense, sliding, easy to clean.
Lining - a slippery thin fabric pleasant to the touch. The edge is sheathed with high quality.
Some kind of filler is felt between the outer surface and the gasket. Something soft, such as thin foam rubber.
The elastic band under which the content is supposed to be placed, 2.5 cm wide, is quite powerful.

Several use cases:
Charging and cables

A lot of cables

Minimalistic option

What can I say in conclusion?
Workmanship I liked.
Specifically, this organizer is designed for cables; using it to transport charges is not entirely correct, and not all charges will fit into it. Charging from an iPad didn't fit.
Also, do not use it for things such as headphones, from which some parts can easily be separated. The edges are not closed.
However, for me, these purchases were primarilyinteresting as a touchstone for BUMB products. Since the quality of small crafts turned out to be at a level, you can safely and leisurely choose some serious enough organizer for trips, which will fit all family charges, and a power bank, and cable. Fortunately there is a choice.
Oh yes. I forgot to say right away. The roll came in a branded package with the inscription BUBM and a sticker with a verification code under the erasable strip.
I don’t know how much you can trust this test, but the Chinese site assured me that I purchased the original BUBM products.
Goods purchased for their own needs for their own money.