Good afternoon! I am writing a short review for the most part because of one valuable observation, but about it after :) I think a lot of people will have a question - “Why buy such expensive oil shales ?!” O. The fact is that I love slates, good shoes, but I absolutely do not like “flip flops” that are attached to the foot by a rope running between the big toe and all the other toes, I had the opportunity to walk around enough time for a full assessment in five to six different ones and none of them were comfortable for me. And if this category is not considered, then the choice instores will be very, very scarce. In the shales, I go most of the summer and I wanted something like that :) Unfortunately, the things I purchased can only be delivered “satisfactorily”, that is, a three-piece mark.
In the seller’s picture, they looked like this:

What came to the picture is fully consistentand in general there are no complaints about quality. I really (really!) Didn’t like that the convex letters “NIKE” were metallic in color and shone directly, I thought they would be white, which is also not a fountain in general. Having looked at it, I realized that the letters were painted with the usual “silver”, which had all kinds of pipes , fences and fencing paint, so the first thing I took was acetone, cotton and in a beautiful way and without any problems I erased all this beauty :) I don’t have any photos before, I didn’t think I would write a report.
some photos “after”:

apparently nothing to complain about, exceptthe transverse stripes on the insole are somehow uneven, or the casting mold is not very, or it didn’t spill properly, but this is of course trifles, it is not at all noticeable and generally nitpicking :)
Now about the minuses:
1) Slates are very solid, at home, knock on the floor andOn the foot, too, they clap loudly. The depreciation of the sole is also so-so, despite the showy appearance, the usual polyurethane foam for walking is much better.
2) Despite the fact that “AIR” they are heavy, here is a photo with weight in the company of veterans (weight of a pair!):

And finally, the most important minus, it’s “valuableobservation ”from the first sentence of the review - they are made on a sneaker sole, and it is of a different shape, already sharper than is usual for shales and they have a somewhat awkward look in my opinion. But if you look from above, you can see it with your own eyes, but on your leg , if you look in the mirror, it looks good. Alien eyes also confirm - "normally do not worry." And yet, the thumb often climbs beyond the borders of the shoe, which is not pleasing.
Here's another group photo, which shows the fingerprints squeezed over the year of socks, which is not in vain that the shape of the soles of the slates is.

And the conclusion: You can wear it, but still “satisfactory”, not “good” and not “excellent.” So if you are finicky, then see that there is a photo from below or from above, for example, a sole like this was originally made for shales and, accordingly, the most important has no minus.

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