Smartphone AGM X1 - protected handsome ... and even a swimmer ...

Good day to all. Today I want to tell you about a secure smartphone AGM X1. I have long wanted to buy myself something similar, but somehow I could not find anything suitable. What you like is worth it, if not an expensive car, but everything else either has a flashy design or characteristics at the level of a push-button phone. The AGM X1 smartphone seemed very interesting to me. In principle, it met all my requirements, and therefore, after not too long deliberation, I ordered it. Immediately I want to draw your attention to the fact that we are talking about a protected smartphone according to the IP68 standard. As it turned out, my order was pre-order and at the time of sending the company announced several more models, among which were the AGM X2 and AGM X2 pro models. The characteristics are just a bomb.
Specifications from the official website:

Packing and packaginga cardboard box, inside of which there was a pimply cellophane with just huge pimples, inside of which a box with a smartphone was neatly wrapped. During transportation, the box with the smartphone was not affected.
The box has a fairly presentable appearance. The top cover has a structured surface.

On the back of the box are the main technical specifications of the smartphone in various languages, including Russian. There is also a note on the version and modification of the smartphone.

Inside the box in a cardboard tray was a smartphone wrapped in transport cellophane, on which information about possible options for installing sim cards and a memory card is printed.

Below was a color instruction in English, inside of which lay a protective film on the screen.

Under the instructions in another tray are:

orange micro-USB cable (standard size)

Power adapter 5V / 2.0A; 9V / 2.0A; 12V / 1.5A.

Also included in the package were fairly high-quality headphones with a set of interchangeable ear pads
In general, the kit is pretty good. It has everything you need and, most importantly, fairly good quality.

Design and appearance I want to note right away thatfor a secure smartphone, which is the AGM X1, the design is simply chic. The smartphone lacks the pretentiousness that almost all smartphones of this class are endowed with; its dimensions are quite compact compared to competitors.
The main sensors are located on the front side, followed by the earpiece, which is neatly hidden behind the chrome grille, then the event indicator and the front camera window.

Below is a large Super Amoled display. The frames are large enough, but I think this is expected for a secure smartphone.
At the bottom are three touch buttonscontrol, and the Home button is combined with a fingerprint scanner, as eminent manufacturers like to do. Yes, the fingerprint scanner works very fast.
Even lower, there is a hole under which the microphone is hidden.

Along the perimeter of the entire front side there is a beveled chrome rim.

On the back of the smartphone are two cameras, an LED flash for two LEDs, and two microphone holes, I venture to suggest that one of them is a noise reduction microphone.

A little lower is the company logo,made in the form of an equilateral triangle, inside which there is an inscription “EU”, I assume that this means that the smartphone is oriented to the European market.
Below is another company logo, under which is a hole for an external speaker.

The back cover is rubberized and has a textured surface, thanks to which the phone lies securely in your hand and does not slip. Around the perimeter, the back cover is bolted with chrome bolts.

On the right side is the power button, which also has a polished, beveled chrome end. Next is a stub, under which there is a slot for SIM cards and a memory card.

The cap comes unfastened quite easily, it can bejust pick it with a fingernail. The plug itself is made of plastic and has rubberized inserts. In general, the plug is inserted into place tightly and with a certain force.

In order to remove the SIM tray from the smartphonecards and memory cards must be tried, as the tray is recessed deep enough and sits firmly in the case. Tray combined for micro-Sim and nano-sim / TFlash SIM cards.

On the left side there are two separate volume buttons, which also have chrome ends.

At the bottom there is a plug under which there is a standard micro-USB connector and mini-jack 3,5.

Top end clean.

Once again I want to say that all the stubsmade of plastic, rubberized, due to which they are inserted into the phone case with effort and very tightly. If we talk about protection from moisture - I am more confused by the hole for the external speaker and microphone than these plugs.
AGM X1 display has excellent Super AMOLEDdisplay from Samsung (at least that's what the manufacturer says), the diagonal of the display is ”(1920x1080 and a density of 403 dpi). The display is capable of accepting up to 10 simultaneous touches, which is very good. A confirmation image will be displayed in screenshots from the Phone Tester application.
I would like to note that the saturation of the picture, the contrast is very pleasing. The viewing angles of the smartphone are also good.

Of course, rather large frames are a little disappointing, but for a smartphone with a degree of protection IP68 it is excusable.
Hardware platform and performance SmartphoneAGM X1 runs on a single-chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 system with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz in conjunction with the Adreno 405 graphics accelerator, it is equipped with 4 Gb of RAM and 64 Gb of main memory. Smartphone is capable of supporting TFlash memory cards up to 128 Gb. The smartphone is also equipped with a 5.5 ”Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920, supports 4G / LTE networks, wireless Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth, various positioning modules on the ground. Speaking about the operating system, everything is sad, because the smartphone’s work is built on OS Android 5.1.1 with the proprietary add-on X OS 1.0, however, some sources said that the manufacturer has plans to upgrade the software version to OS Android 7.0, will we find out but later.
The slot for SIM cards is combined, asit’s now fashionable, that is, you can install the following configurations in a smartphone: micro-SIM + nano-SIM, or micro-SIM + TFlash. So, due to the fact that the smartphone is equipped with 64GB of internal memory, the need to install a memory card in a smartphone, at least personally fades into the background for me.

SoC configuration lets us know that evenThe characteristics of the smartphone, in terms of the processor and the graphics chip, are not top-notch, however, playing on this smartphone will turn out in almost all games, even if not at the highest settings, however, the smartphone will cope with the tasks.
I was also very pleased with the sound of the externaldynamics. Of course, you can’t call it loud and bass, but the sound is very smooth, rich and pleasant. Let's just say it is closer to the sound of eminent brands than to the sound of most Chinese smartphones.
Once again, I want to repeat and note the fact that for a smartphone with a protection class of IP68, the technical characteristics are very good, as well as the design.
Now let's see what information we will be told about this smartphone application


As expected, the claimed characteristics are true.
To assess the performance of the smartphone below are screenshots of the most popular benchmarks.

Based on the results of these tests, we can seethat the smartphone has very average performance indicators, but if we take into account ordinary smartphones, if we talk about protected devices, then here the picture changes dramatically. It’s even hard for me to find a secure smartphone that will have such characteristics. In general - the performance of the smartphone AGM X1 at a very decent level. All applications work quickly and without hangs. A sufficient amount of RAM and internal memory allows you not to think about saving these resources.
I also give the results of testing the memory speed.

Radio Modules and Sensors Speaking about this sectionof my review, I just want to say that the smartphone has a fairly large, in my opinion, set of sensors and sensors, supports the LTE standard, in general, everything is very interesting ...
The smartphone is able to work with the following telecommunication network standards:
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz B5 / B8 / B3 / B2
WCDMA: 900/1900/2100 B8 / B2 / B1
FDD-LTE: 800/1800/2100/2600 B20 / B3 / B1 / B7
The list is very nice, but there is a drawback,which consists in the fact that only a SIM card installed in the first slot will support 4G, but I want to say that the signal level and reception quality of the smartphone is at a high level, at least it is not worse than in Samsung.
When testing the health of the WiFi module, Iresorted to using two applications. The first is Wifi Analyzer, with its help I tested how the WiFi signal changes at different distances from my router. Below I want to give screenshots on which the smartphone is:
- in the immediate vicinity of the router;
- at a distance of 5 meters from the router behind a brick wall;
- at a distance of 13 meters from the router for 2 brick walls.

Next, Internet speed was tested.connections using the SpeedTest app under the same conditions. In order to obtain more reliable test results, I decided to measure at each point three times.

The GPS module also behaves very dignified. Satellites during a cold start are looking for 20-30 seconds. Very fast. The number of satellites found is also pleasing. Moreover, the smartphone supports the GLONAS and Beidou navigation system. Very pleased with the relatively high positioning accuracy. To test the operation of GPS, the GPS Test application was used, which allows you to determine the number of satellites with which the smartphone can connect, the accuracy of positioning, stability of connection, etc.

Speaking of a fingerprint scanner shouldnote the fact that the manufacturer claims it is moisture resistant, that is, in my understanding, we can unlock the smartphone with wet fingers and in water, but I could not do this with my tests. Of course, maybe I scanned my fingers poorly, maybe it was necessary to do this with wet hands, but the fact remains. I think it will be necessary to deal with this issue later, and of course I will add the results to the review.
Stress resistance, unfortunately another wordI can’t find it, but with regard to this smartphone, I would think that we are talking about the swimming and falling of the smartphone, but no, now we will talk about the smartphone working under a long constant load. And of course, the StabilityTest application was used to conduct this test. Since the smartphone is not rutted, all tests failed. In the process of testing the CPU / GPU, the smartphone periodically gave out 5-7 fps, and noticeably slowed down, but this did not happen often, the average performance was within 47-60 fps. It is noteworthy that after XX testing, the temperature was in a comfortable zone of 34.7 degrees.

The availability and performance of many modules weWe can check using the PhoneTester application. It is very interesting that in this application it is indicated that the fingerprint sensor is not supported, although it really is.

Camera: 5Mp front-mounted smartphonecamera, and as many as two 13Mp main cameras. The manufacturer tells us that due to this, the quality of pictures taken with the main camera will be much higher. There are a number of settings in the camera settings, and if there is nothing special to say about the operation of the front and main cameras, then a few words should be said about the mode in which the camera takes pictures using both main modules.

To enter this menu mode, you muststart the camera application and swipe left to switch the mode to the extreme right position. I want to say that when we switch to this mode we will not see any notifications about this (panorama / photo / video / photo shooting with two cameras). So, in the settings for shooting with two cameras there are several interesting functions:
In its settings you can find the following items:
“Auto” mode - an ordinary picture, which you can edit later;
Focus mode - focus area selection. Due to the fact that the smartphone is equipped with two camera modules, you can make some kind of imitation of a change in the depth of field;
“Halo” mode - creates a semblance of a halo around the selected object;
“Sketch” mode - creates the effect of a pencil drawing around the subject;
“Fusion” mode - allows you to transfer the subject to another background, which can be selected from the gallery;
I want to say that all the pictures taken in this way have a special mark, clicking on which you can immediately go into edit mode.
Examples of photos taken on the main camera in the room:

Photos taken on the front camera:

Sound I want to say a few words aboutthe quality of the speakers and microphones used. So, everything is very good. The sound of the spoken speaker is very clean, there is no need to do any manipulations with the service settings. The interlocutors also do not complain, which suggests that the microphone copes with its functions quite adequately. The external speaker sounds nice. The sound is very saturated, of course, this is not a Bluetooth speaker, but still the sound is good. Only after immersion in water did the external speaker begin to wheeze, but this is understandable. After the membrane has dried, the sound has returned to its original state.
Test for protection from moisture For a long time, I doubted whether to do this test or not, but after watching a sufficient number of video reviews in which testers immerse their devices under water, I decided.
Of course it was scary. I checked all the plugs and put the phone straight into the aquarium ...

The smartphone continued to work, as if nothingit happened. The only thing is that under the water, pressing the display does not work, and the fingerprint scanner worked for me, probably from the fifth attempt, but most importantly, moisture did not get inside the smartphone. After I removed the smartphone from the water, I checked all the plugs - it was dry under them.
Autonomy For a secure smartphone thatIt is positioned as a smartphone for people leading an active lifestyle, and this is all kinds of trips, trips, etc. autonomy is an important factor. After all, it is far from always possible to recharge a mobile device on the way. So, the manufacturer claims that the battery capacity is 5400mAh, which is a pretty good indicator, however, using many other manufacturers as an example, I can say with confidence that the battery is one of the favorite places where the manufacturer tries to ... make a fool of our brother . For this reason, one of the first tests I conducted was a test to check the battery capacity using a folk tester. Frankly, the results pleased me.

As we can see in this regard,the manufacturer was very honest and indicated the real characteristics of the battery, for which honor and praise are given. Yes, a completely annoyed smartphone on the original charger is charging at 6V / 2A.
I also attach a battery charge graph.

Thanks to support for Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology, the battery, with a capacity of 5400 mAh, charges up to 85% in just an hour.
A few screenshots of the AGM proprietary application

On this I will summarize.

  • Protected smartphone (really checked, works under water);
  • Great display;
  • Adequate amount of 4GB RAM / 64GB ROM memory;
  • Good design;
  • 5400mAh battery capacity;
  • Support fast charge;
  • The quality of the materials used (titanium frame);
  • Dual camera at 13Mp.


  • Android 5.1.1;
  • Work in LTE networks is supported only by a SIM card installed in the first slot;
  • Price (as always, you want a lower price).

Conclusion Summing up, I want to say thatThe AGM X1 is definitely worth a look. It seems to me that today it is the only protected smartphone with an IP68 protection class, which has very good technical specifications, such as a modern processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal memory, a 5400 mAh battery, Samsung’s excellent Super AMOLED display and a whole bunch of all kinds of sensors, and at the same time its design is not artsy. I would also like to say about the camera, more precisely about the dual 13MP main camera, the pictures taken on which are pretty good, and the software part for working with the camera is also pleasing. Of course, the disadvantages should be attributed to the pretty old version of OS Android 5.1.1, but we hope that the manufacturer will meet the needs of users and upgrade the version of the operating system to OS Andriod 7.0. I personally, and not only me, really liked the smartphone, but as I said earlier, I liked even more the model AGM X2, announced after I bought AGM X1, in connection with which I plan to sell this model, and I will order myself an updated version .