Blackview BV5000 Smartphone - Orange Chinese Cheating

A bit outdated review of the Blackview BV5000.
Orange something disguised as a secure smartphone at an overpriced price.
The review was written a year ago, but is safely forgotten in the annals of history. Corrected.
- Despite the fragility and insecurity of the design of conventional telephones from the effects of water and shock, the special “protected” versions have never been widely popular. Largely due to appearance - typicalEven in the era of push-button phones, the moisture-proof phone was always noticeably larger than ordinary phones without special protection and, on the whole, was more like a brick with brick functionality. In the case of smartphones, some manufacturers such as Sony and Motorola were able to release smartphones with the usual design and increased protection against moisture (almost the entire range of Sony, Defy from Motorola), but the protection was more a farce than a real opportunity to take the phone to the bath or shower.

Alas, smartphones with real degrees of protection, toodemanded a noticeable increase in size - it is necessary to put all these rubber bands, layers and screws somewhere. But such phones have always had their customers - first of all, of course, fishermen, sailors, mushroom pickers and other people who could find themselves in conditions of high humidity almost continuously. But the unusual design sometimes attracted random “passers-by”. All the same, a brutal design, a powerful battery are already quite weighty characteristics for a purchase.
Here it is worth highlighting really protected modelsequipment certified to all standards - Sonim was the undisputed leader for phones with absolutely frantic prices, but also an incredible level of security (the youtube is full of videos where Sonim is heated, fried, shot, crushed by car, whipped in a blender and so on). Kyocera, Casio, and partly Caterpilllar companies, widely known in narrow circles, were noted in the same field, but their models were somehow “popper”, and there was nothing even to remember about the level of protection of phones from Siemens-Samsung-Texet.
However, such phones continueappear and are very successfully sold in the mass segment. So the company Blackview decided to play on the feelings of fans of Chinese phones and released its smartphone Blackview BV5000.
Video immediately began appearing on Youtube fromthe humiliation of a smartphone in the form of soaking in a glass, freezing in ice, but there was no official information about the level of protection for the BV5000 anywhere. The Internet was full of rumors, someone even picked up the news about IP67 and people were seduced. Well, judge for yourself:
Characteristics CPU MediaTek MT6735P 1.0 GHz (4 cores)
ROM 16 GB + microSD up to 32 GB
Screen 5.0, IPS, 1280 * 720, tempered glass
Network WCDMA / GSM, LTE: B1 / B3 / B7 / B8 / B20
Wireless interfaces WIFI (802.11 b / g / n), Bluetooth, GPS
2MP + 8MP cameras, autofocus, LED flash
4700 mAh battery
Dimensions 150.7 * 78.1 * 11.99 mm
Weight 256 grams assembly (85 battery)
The characteristics are very miserable, especially considering that at first the smartphone was sold for $ 180 at all! But the battery is impressive.
On the manufacturer’s website modestly by IP, nothing is written at all. As it turned out rightly - the maximum smartphone pulls on IP65, that is, according to the version Wiki protection against jets. But no dives, and not even from "strong water jets." And all protection below IP * 6 does not guarantee the ingress of water into the smartphone. So here you are, guys. The Chinese in all its glory. Blackview BV5000 is not a moisture resistant device, but only has a little more protection in case water gets on the case! And then, subject to the use of gum under the cover and twisted bolts ... But first things first.
In general, the BV5000 smartphone comes in 3 colors -orange (like mine), all black and camouflage green. The front of all smartphones is black. The smartphone looks really interesting, many people confuse the smartphone with a cover, almost 4 out of 5 will ask the owner "is this a cover like that?"

The screen is as if a little convex, rising abovethe edges of the smartphone. Marketers came up with this name - 2.5D screen. Above the screen there is a peephole of the front camera, a voice speaker, light and proximity sensors.

Under the screen - touch function keys, there is a backlight - it is lit by touching these buttons, the rest of the time it is off. Immediately below the screen is a microphone.
The back is no less brutal -the cover is plastic, textured - the manufacturer put on it a certain pattern of triangles and stripes, so that the back cover almost does not slip, there are associations with car tires on black.

Here, in addition to the Blackview logo, we are apparently a peepholethe main camera is flush with the lid, a weak flash and at the very bottom - a wide band speaker. There are places for screws in the corners of the case, which press the back cover more tightly to the body of the device, is fastened with 4 screws, only 8 screws and a screwdriver are included, although the cover itself sits tight and without using screws, it will even be difficult to remove it.
The upper edge of the "sheltered" microUSB and 3.5 mm jack. Both are closed with rubber caps also orange. Honestly, the reliability of this design raises questions - the gum for the headphones began to “stick out” a little after a week of regular use. Rather, we can say that it is better not to touch these gums. They will live longer. They protect reliably from moisture penetration into the connectors; they enter and exit tightly.

The sides are made in the same style - a metallic, shiny strip is glued to the side. Also an interesting solution, obviously useless, but pretty. Again, these bolts on the edges give brutality.

On the right is the power key, on the left is the volume control. Pressed tight enough, you need to get used to it.

The phone is collapsible, the back cover is removed heavily- firstly, there are already 4 screws along the edge of the case, and secondly, even without using them, it is not easy to remove the cover - the fasteners are powerful and reliable. And the very value of using cogs is doubtful - they do not protect against water, rather they create the appearance of reliability. But let them look funny?

Under the back cover is a rubber band protecting“Engine compartment” space against moisture, it is inserted into a special groove, which outlines both the battery and the slots for SIM cards and memory cards. Yes, there are two memory cards - one of the usual size, the second micro. MicroSD memory card. The BV5000 has the ability to use two SIM cards and a memory card at the same time.

In general, the assembly of the smartphone can be characterizedhow good. There are some questions on the device’s logic, on protective rubber bands and on the reliability of such moisture protection in general, all the same, as a result, moisture gets into the smartphone during flooding - but if you look at the smartphone like an ordinary device without protection, there are no complaints about the assembly.

Well, besides the fact that for a 5-inch smartphone, the Blackview BV5000 is huge and heavy, even without a battery, the weight is too big, given the use of only plastic.
As a result, lies in the hand so-so, usewith one hand it’s almost unreal, except perhaps answering a call. The hand quickly gets tired of holding 250 grams in weight, while also trying to portray something on them with their fingers. He also lays down specifically in his pocket - except that he enters a jacket or jacket normally, in jeans it looks really like a brick.
The thickness is also considerable - but at least it’s clear why, because a 5000 mAh battery also needs to be put in a heap, and here it’s also an elastic band and a thick plastic cover ...

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In the age of rampant fashion for “shovels,” Blackview decidedin a huge BV5000 smartphone, put a screen on 5 inches. Also with HD resolution (1280 * 720). However, given the overall size of the smartphone, the screen seems a bit small. And frankly, the screen is very budget for the price of BV5000.

The colors are not bad, the IPS matrix, but budget - undersome inversion is observed in the corners; the sun almost completely goes blind. And even if the screen is a protective glass (there is no information about the manufacturer, most likely Dragontail), it catches scratches like all other smartphones quickly, so the “film” on the screen from the kit only pleased. And “2.5D technology is pure marketing.
And here everything is fine. They put a huge battery in the smartphone, like the smartphone itself. The claimed capacity is 5000 mAh, in fact - 4500-4700 mAh.

In fact, this means that in conjunction with a lowHD screen resolution and a very energy-efficient MT6735P processor Blackview BV5000 smartphone will live a very long time even in active mode of operation. My smartphone in hard mode managed to land at 0 only for 3 days. Although I talked, listened to music, surfed the Internet ...

Just the right function for those who go to distant lands without sockets, right?

For charging a smartphone comes with a proprietary2A charging, which charges the battery in about 3-3.5 hours. Therefore, be careful, dishonest sellers and stores can change the charge by 1A or even 0.5A, as a result, you will charge the smartphone for 6-15 hours.
Communications and Communications
Everything is pretty standard here - 2 SIM cards, support for 4G LTE, one radio module. There is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. 4G works, everything is fine and standard here.
However, something worth mentioning separately. This is a microUSB connector. In the Blackview BV5000, the microUSB connector is also protected by a rubber plug and is significantly “recessed” into the case. As a result, my smartphone did not charge with the vast majority of microUSB cables, only native ones! And I didn’t connect to the computer at all with anything except my own! The native cable has a noticeably longer “pin”, I have not seen such anywhere else, so be careful!
On the quality of sound in the headphonesnothing - extremely average. But the ringing speaker pleased - loud and juicy, the alarm clock wakes the bear. The same and a vibrating alert, such you will not miss also in a jacket. But the voice speaker already seemed quiet, in high places I heard the interlocutor with difficulty.
GPS and navigation
It's all at a good level, which pleases. GLONASS is not present, but GPS works well. Blackview clearly worked with antennas and firmware - the signal is stable, good.

The BV5000 clings pretty well to GPS satellites and doesn'tLeads into the woods when navigating in a car. For the work of GPS solid ... 4+. All the same, the signal is weak and it is scary that the signal will be lost. While Qualcomm manages to find me in a building and sometimes in a tunnel - this is not there.
Performance and Tests
The Blackview BV5000 has a budget 4-corethe chip from MediaTek is MT6735p, and it is in its truncated modification with a frequency of 1 GHz (in the base 1.2 GHz). This is done, as I understand it, to minimize power consumption. In fact, this chip is the youngest of the line in 2015, designed for the low price segment. To be honest, considering the price of the device, it would be logical to see a more powerful processor, but alas ...
In the pros, you can add the presence of 2 GB of RAM, but now 1 GB is found only in very simple smartphones.

In total, as usual - with the Blackview BV5000 in terms of games you won’t especially turn around, some simple games will go without problems, and more complex 3D games at low settings.
But in ordinary tasks, there are no questions about performance - everything works quite fast, without slowing down. Fans of powerful games should consider other devices.
Software Features
Blackview BV5000 runs on Android 5 OS.1, there is the possibility of wireless updates and it works. Graphically, the system is slightly changed - a certain proprietary shell from Blackview is used, I can’t say anything about it - it only changes the appearance of the desktop, nothing more.
There is gesture control - and it is very buggy. The phone “wakes up” from double tap when the screen is locked, as a result, thanks to the included gestures, the smartphone vibrates regularly in the ear and unlocks itself from touching the head when making calls. It can also vibrate in your pocket if suddenly the screen confuses the fabric with your finger. In general, it’s better to turn off gesture control and think that this function is not here.
Otherwise, I did not have any questions about the Blackview BV5000 firmware - everything works very stably.
> Camera
First there was information that the BV5000 would receive5 and 13 megapixel cameras, however, the final smartphone received very low-cost photomodules at 2 and 8 megapixels, respectively. The flash is weak, the matrices are as budget-friendly as possible - these are usually put on a smartphone for $ 80-90, and not for 150-180. A lot of noise in the photos, the detail is weak, the colors are terrible.
In general, the camera is for very undemanding users.

You can download photos without compression from our Yandex.Disk -
Video review

Conclusions If you are politically correct, the BV5000 is greatly overrated. That’s one and a half times.
Weak characteristics, poor camera, medium screen. In significant advantages, perhaps a large battery, but an interesting design. And in the minuses, everything else. Think for yourself, decide for yourself ...
- Interesting design
- Powerful battery
- decent GPS
- loud
- There is essentially no real protection against moisture
- Dimensions and weight
- Weak camera
- Software glitches with gestures
- Price
Since I publish the review at the end of 2016,I add that even this model revealed a serious marriage with the screen, a replacement was required. The manufacturer even sent some of them for free (!!!) a normal screen for self-installation. So it goes.