The Blackview P2 smartphone is not a fluff ...

Today I want to write about my last purchase in the camp of smartphones. Namely - about the Blackview P2 smartphone.
I ordered this smartphone on the AliExpress site,namely, in the store Disun. The seller, frightened by my collision, checked everything super carefully and the device, upon receipt, completely arranged for me both the build quality and the pre-sale preparation.
But the story, as they say, is not about ...
What is a smartphone? Design in my “as always” - there is nothing new in it. I was pleased with one detail - recently found more and more often by other manufacturers, namely a kind of frame around the camera’s eye - which at first glance resembles a CD. Most likely it does not carry functionality - but it looks beautiful.
Further about iron:
1 - typical for the last time not expensiveMTK 6750T processor (though they often use its non-turbocharged version) with all the consequences that result in hardware in the form of a modem and a video chip (excellent reception and games go almost everything - but some of them are not at maximum speed) ... But by itself it can not but rejoice that the processor is overclocked (turbocharged, so to speak), but at the same time I personally have not seen excessive heating.

2 - RAM. Its here already 4GB. This can not but rejoice - since the device has a price tag clearly more than $ 100 and with less memory, many would say that there is not enough memory, but here it is just right.

3 - drive. They did not regret the storage memory - as much as 64 GB - about 54 GB are available to the user “out of the box”. In my opinion - above the roof, especially considering the "multi tray" for cards.
4 - sim cards. The smartphone has a pull-out tray supporting the simultaneous installation of 2 nano-SIM cards or 1 nano-SIM card and a microSD memory card. I had enough internal memory and I did not install a memory card.
5 - The rear camera. A module from Sony has been announced, but AIDA does not know about it, I will not insist. Aida says that the real resolution of the camera is 13MP. The flash itself is available, the brightness is average. The macro succeeds perfectly, a little soap in the distance (I hope they fix it with firmware, it just smears the focus). Video recording is carried out in a resolution of 1080 pixels, the output container format is 3GP.

6 - front camera. The eye is microscopic and for me - no more than 2MP. But it takes off surprisingly not bad for its physical size. Manufacturer and AIDA declare other parameters. I will not argue.

7 - fingerprinting. The fingerprint sensor here is a little moody, so many reviewers did not like it (I will not poke a finger). You just need to learn how to work with him, or rather learn how to “show” your fingers to him and recognition will occur almost instantly, which cannot be said about the awakening of the system. That is, by vibration feedback, you understand that he has already done his job - but the screen has just begun to turn on.

8 - microphones and speakers. One of the “chips” of this device, the manufacturer announced a “loud external speaker” ... well, yes, loud, but not much louder than others. There are Chinese creations for 2000r. with much louder speakers (but also a bigger one), but you can really miss a call, it will work out ... sound and loud and high - presses well on your ears prompting you to answer the call and at the same time sounds really good (never rattled during the bullying with different melodies at maximum speed). The conversation is also on par with the record holders from my smartphone fleet - one of the loudest. Zero claims to the main microphone - works fine. Separately, I was pleased with the second microphone, located at the eye of the main camera, designed to provide noise reduction during conversations on a smartphone as well as giving stereo sound in video recording. In video recording, the sound is not only stereo - but also of very good quality.

9 - data / charging socket. I have it for the first time - MicroUSB Type C. The plug climbs into the socket on either side. Pleases. It is fixed super tight and does not hang out - I think it is much more reliable than a progenitor. Charging cable included. OTG cable (adapter) also lies in the box. The express power supply is 5/7 / 9V, however, like many models of this manufacturer in the expensive segment. As can be seen from the specifications - the smartphone supports fast charging.
10 - screen. It’s here FullHD, the color rendition is slightly shifted to a cold shade and the quality as a whole is five. There seems to be no air gap. The factory film "shuts down" instantly, but has not yet ventured to take pictures (and FIG knows).
11 - GPS is typical for a smartphone with such a processor - there are not enough stars from the sky and only foreign satellites see - it doesn’t look at ours.

12 - the performance itself and the case: there are no backlashes, the buttons do not hang, I could not push the monolith of the case anywhere.
Shell - almost naked android 6 version butslightly dopillenny manufacturer. A native launcher with a bunch of desktops and without an application menu. Built-in screenshot editor (even enrages with its importunity) and an aggressive manager working in the background of applications.
I haven’t put the battery in yet, I’ll figure it out - I’ll add about it too. But at first glance - certainly more than 4A
Vibro-motor - worthy ... The battery landed in less than two days - but I tried hard ...
Further, dry numbers of specifications from the manufacturer and photo materials on the topic:
Screen: LCD, IPS, 5.5 ", Full HD 1920 × 1080, capacitive, multi-touch (up to five touches)
Processor: eight-core MediaTek MT6750T up to 1.5 GHz
Graphics Accelerator: Mali-T860 MP2
Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Built-in memory: 64 GB
Memory card support: microSDXC (up to 128 GB) + OTG (USB Type-C 2.0)
Communication: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz || UMTS 850/900/2100 || LTE 1, 3, 7
SIM: nano-SIM + nano-SIM (combo slot)
Wireless interfaces: WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, FM radio
Navigation: A-GPS, Beidou
Cameras: main - 13 megapixels (f / 1.8, LED flash, phase detection autofocus), front - 8 megapixels (fixed focus)
Sensors: illumination, proximity, accelerometer, microgyroscope, electronic compass, fingerprint scanner
Battery: 6000 mAh non-removable
Dimensions: 154x77x9.8 mm
Weight: 230 grams »alt =" "height =" 300 rel = "lbox" /> »alt =" "height =" 300 rel = "lbox" /> »alt =" "height =" 300 rel = "lbox" /> »alt =" "height =" 300 rel = "lbox" />

An example of video recording from the main camera (Morning, a bit overcast)
All pictures (including data from AIDA) album
As promised - I’ll add some time later. The smartphone came tuned for maximum gluttony, why? I do not know. But he was a little more savvy with the settings and took advantage of the experience of another user a little - he increased the autonomy by two more. Now 4 days - really lives. Camera. Figs knows why - but a week later she began to shoot much better. Maybe the software is to blame - or maybe the echoes of Skynet (did not notice, but the core is on the smartphone on the ubunt) ...
For all this, a pair of glitches was previously noticed- but for 3 days they’ve been gone, except that after increasing autonomy, he began to wake up more slowly from long hibernation (sometimes) when opening the desktop - but I think this is just a side effect of increasing the operating time on 1 battery charge. New examples of photos / videos are still there ...