The Blackview R6 smartphone is a gift for 2017.

The day before the new year, our post office pleased me just like in an advertisement chased on television on the eve - they called me and invited me to pick up the parcel. It was the long-awaited Blackview R6 smartphone.

Additional smartphone information

What can I say about him? At first glance, it’s very standard for the last time, but after a couple of minutes it began to seem to me that it was somehow small .... I took her Blackview R7 from my wife and put them next. It seems the same ... but after a minute of studying I guessed! I have a device with a white front surface and (lo and behold) there is no frame around the screen! That is, previously I often observed on smartphones of an inexpensive level ugly frames around the screen that differ from the main color of the front frame - like a double frame - but here it is not! That is, the screen is somehow inscribed in the front glass panel of the smartphone without the third element! Hooray, my friends! Now it clearly looks prettier! There is probably no coating on the glass - it gets dirty instantly - although it can be easily rubbed off.

Okay, the front panel is the front panel, butbody parts do not end there. By the way, above the screen are located, in addition to the speaker grid: a camera (front, left) and proximity and light sensors in the vicinity of the diode flash for the front camera (right). Under the screen, as always on smartphones, there are three touch buttons.

The microphone is located below, at the end, in its right part. The sound according to the stories of opponents is very good. The sound from the speech speaker is also very loud and clear, beyond all praise.

Speaker for playing media contentlocated on the back and can be muffled if the smartphone is put on a soft surface. If you put the smartphone on a hard table - the speaker is not completely blocked due to the bending of the case. Sound from a speaker of medium volume, no rattling was noticed.
Volume buttons made in the form ofthe whole rocker button along with the lock button are located on the right side of the smartphone and in that location there is a call to use the smartphone with two hands (one reaching all the edges of the screen is already problematic - it’s also the buttons at the top) - that is, it was convenient for me to keep the smartphone left hand and make manipulations with the right screen, then the “at hand” buttons and the screen can be used all and very conveniently.

The front camera is already a little hurt - locatedit is in front - to the left of the speaker and it just is. The flash partially saves the quality - but not by much, though I admit on the street on a sunny day it was not possible to check it - the weather is not the same. I think its resolution is not more than 2 megapixels. The video writes to HD but with a quality above 480, I would not use it. For video calls is enough - but with a stretch.
The main camera is many times better - but also tormenteddoubts about the claimed 13MP. * - I think there is, but 13 ... vryatli. And at first it was dark in a third-party camera application (Open Camera), but rummaging through the settings I managed to bring it to my senses and it began to shoot in Open camera even better than in its native shooting program. What surprised my native program for shooting 7 It already supports autofocus for video recording (not found everywhere) and the ability to enable / disable the sounds of focusing and shooting the frame. The rest of the functionality is standard. There is no second microphone hole next to the camera - but there is a dual-diode flash.

The scanner window is located under the cameraa fingerprint, it works surprisingly well, but how you scanned your finger when setting up protection - just apply it — then it recognizes for half a second, apply it like you didn’t apply it when you set up — went nafik happy new year ... It recognizes worse dirty hands.
The back cover is made of plastic, the frame of the device is metal. I personally did not find any play.

Software part:
3 GB RAM make themselves felt: Blinds and delays happen only when the process of writing large files to memory occurs - apparently, the memory does not have enough time or the processor is not so fast (sorry, but I compare with BV6000), the system doesn’t bother writing large files "Plugs" to see is almost impossible. In my opinion, writing data to memory (a memory card or internal) is the only option to make this unit think a little. The standard launcher, as always with this company, has no menu buttons and all the icons are scattered across tables and folders. The initial set of preinstalled software is not large (which pleases) and everything that may interfere with you can be easily removed. Route in the system is not installed (for me - also good). Since the device comes with 6 android installed - that is, all the bells and whistles set for it ... double-tap activation of the screen, a three-finger screenshot and the like “gestures”.
Downloading in Turbo mode works, although it’s never been useful to me in my life.
GPS surprised - in the presence of even glonass and catches well. Below under the spoiler there is a screen of reception in the apartment by the window.
Translation of menu items in the system is mostly competent - but not without jokes. It seems that they will correct it when updating the firmware - as soon as they are turned on for the first time, they have already flown. We are waiting for the update.
Battery for the screen with FullHD and 3 GB. RAM is obviously not enough and (especially after the BV6000) I had to catch myself thinking “will it last me a day?” but it wasn’t weird that even a little remained
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