Bluboo Edge Smartphone - The Chinese Answer To Samsung!

Greetings, friends!
Today on the review smartphone Bluboo Edge. Using it, Bluboo tried to play on the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Edge Series with a curved screen. Samsung cost a lot of money, an alternative Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with a curved display is also not a cheap smartphone. And there are simply no other options! (except basement copies), not to mention budget options. More precisely, it wasn’t ... Will this gadget be able to take a vacant place !?
There are currently only two colors: black and gold.

Pretty spectacular promotional video smartphone

The smartphone comes in a traditional manufacturer's box of black cardboard with the Bluboo logo.

On the side are the main technical specifications:

The set is as follows: a guarantee, an instruction manual, a clip for a SIM card slot (a la Meizu), a charger, a micro-USB cable and a film on the screen.

Also included is a transparent plasticbumper. I do not like this kind of bumper: they spoil the appearance, thicken the smartphone and scratch the case when donning / removing. And to remove it is not so easy, I tell you, it sits very tight.

The delivery set can be called rich by today's standards, few people put film on the screen and bumper recently.
Charger with output characteristics: 5V, 1A. In Bluboo Dual, the output current was 1.5A, it is a pity that here they decided not to chase fast charging.

Design is perhaps the main feature of thisdevices, albeit licked from the Samsung Edge Series. A smartphone really looks very attractive and expensive. Bluboo Edge has average dimensions for a device with a diagonal of 5.5 inches, but in the hand it feels very weighty.

The case design is non-separable, Gorilla Glass 4 protective glass bent to the sides is used.

The assembly of the smartphone at first glance is excellent,cast housing. Nothing backlash, no creaks. Thanks to the rounded metal frame, the Bluboo Edge fits well in your hand, but due to its decent weight, using one hand is still not so easy.

However, with a more detailed feeling I foundthat the back cover in the area under the camera bends slightly when pressed. This is uncritical, but there is a place to be. When punching, there are barely noticeable distortions in the picture of the display) Directly touch the screen through the cover.

The cover is quite flexible in itself, although thin, you can see this in the video. It was also resistant to fire)

Yes, and the appearance of the back cover I also liked, although a fairly easily soiled solution.

Video comparison of the back panel with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

On the front panel are located: Event indicator, proximity sensor, light sensor, selfie camera and earpiece. Under the screen there are three buttons: menu, back and HOME mechanical key with a built-in fingerprint scanner. A little embarrassed by the lack of graphic designations of touch control buttons.

On the back is a camera, flash andheart rate sensor, which, together with a single-color LED flash, is allocated in a separate unit. The camera lens protrudes slightly above the surface of the housing. The manufacturer’s logo flaunts below.

It may appear that the back covermetal or glass, but it is not! The fact of the presence of strips-outputs for antennas can also lead to this idea, but in this case it is just strips, a design move. The back panel is made of plastic, but polished so that it shines like metal or glass.

On the right side face is the power button

On the left sidewall there are disconnected volume keys

At the top there is a microphone and a combined slot for two nano-SIM format SIM cards and a memory card.

You can remove the tray using a paper clip that comes with your smartphone

The bottom end is densely populated, here is a 3.5 mm Jack, and a Micro-USB port, and a microphone and speaker.

Measured device dimensions: 151.8 * 73.7 * 9.2 mm

But the weight is sad, obviously the comrade ate too much that ate such a mass ... already 206 grams

Bluboo Edge has a 5.5-inch screen,HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). Which of course is not enough, but the pixels are not visible and in general the picture looks good: the brightness is sufficient, there are no special questions regarding the color rendering. For its money, the smartphone has a display with a normal picture.

In direct sunlight, the picture fades, but remains readable.

Viewing angles are good, although a slight inversion of colors is visible at certain angles. This is especially noticeable in the left photograph from a row in the center. Just the weather has changed)

The display is covered with 4th generation Gorilla Glass. According to the manufacturer, it is quite durable. Strength tests can be seen in the video

But there is no oleophobic coating, drops spread on the glass

I can’t call a touch ideally perceivingtouch, as the creators tell us about it ... sometimes it’s pressed what I didn’t want, or vice versa, but it happens rarely) The advantage is that the display can be used even with gloves on. What is shown in the video clip

Multi-touch test showed 5 points of touch

In the next video, the manufacturer compares the display of his brainchild with the iPhone 7 (traditionally)

Bluboo Dual smartphone is runningAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. There is no pre-installed Chinese software. Gestures are supported for quick access to a number of functions. I like the three-finger screenshots, a number of gestures in my opinion can also be useful.

The interface works quite fast. The manufacturer even compares the speed of work with the iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P9 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The quad-core is responsible for the operation of the deviceThe 64-bit MediaTek MT6737 processor with a frequency of 1.25 GHz is made according to the Cortex A53 architecture. ARM Mali-T720 MP2 with a frequency of 600 MHz is responsible for the graphics. Installed 2 GB of RAM (LPDDR3) and 16 GB of internal memory. There is support for Micro SD memory cards up to 256 GB.
Test write / read speed from a memory card below

When the device starts up, the user has access to: about 11 GB of read-only memory and about 1.2 GB of free memory remains free.

The smartphone is not gaming at all ... Get comfortableplay only undemanding games. And here is an example in tanks at the minimum settings, the number of fps barely reaches 28-30, on medium - around 17 ... well, and about the maximum settings and no question.

With a long game, the smartphone case was able to warm up to 42 degrees Celsius.

In the Antutu test, the smartphone showed 29,695 parrots.

Geekbench 4 Test

AIDA64 test

CPU-Z Test

Epic Citadel Test

GPS was tested using the popular GPS Test app, as well as in the car using Yandex Navigator. The satellites are pretty fast, it pleased.

As a navigator, the smartphone showed itself quite confidently.

There are no problems with Wi-fi either, access points are fast, the connection is stable. In the screenshots: the signal level through the wall and at a distance of one and a half meters from the signal source.

GSM-communication works stably at all frequencies: 2G, 3G, 4G. There was no reason to drop off the signal or jump from 4G to 3G. The interlocutor is heard normally and he does not have problems with the perception of your speech.

Bluetooth version 4.0 works without jambs. The smartphone finds other devices quite quickly.

The Bluboo Edge smartphone is equipped with the main camera of the Sony IMX219 Exmor RS camera with 8 megapixels (with interpolation up to 13 megapixels) with 4x digital zoom and autofocus ...
Smartphones are equipped with this camera module not the newest and not the most outstanding in terms of photo shooting:
Accordingly, beautiful frames should not be expected. However, let’s take a look at them in different conditions: sunny weather, overcast and in low light conditions

Mainly cloudy

Late evening

The main camera is not so bad, howeverinferior in shooting quality to the cameras of smartphones from Xiaomi and Meizu at a cost close to the gadget being monitored. In sunny weather, the pictures are too overexposed, with cloudy things are better. At night, the expected quality drops, noise appears ... however, Sony's non-budget camera modules also suffer from this. I did not like the speed of work when shooting, after pressing the shutter button, quite a lot of time passes.
Photos in original resolution can be downloaded from the link below:
The interface of the Camera application is presented on video

Video in 3gp format is recorded with a resolution of Full-HD and a frequency of 30 frames per second. The sound is recorded well, but the picture is still not of the best quality.
Video example:
Selfie camera is not worth a long discussion,a 5MP module is installed with interpolation up to 8MP. It often gets blurry with blurry pictures, so it’s often not the first time you get a suitable selfie. However, color rendering is not bad.
Front camera shots

In the smartphone, according to the manufacturer, installed2600 mah lithium polymer battery. The manufacturer decided to promote due to exploding batteries in the Galaxy Note 7 and showed that the Bluboo Edge battery is safer and its explosion is impossible.

When charging the device, the power supply produces a voltage of 4.63V, current 0.95A.

The entire charging process took 2 hours. When the device was fully charged, the following numbers flaunted on the tester:

From experience with use, I can say that this smartphone is enough for a day's work, even with fairly active use. With moderate use, Bluboo Edge can last up to 2 days.
In the video below, a 5-hour comparison of the autonomy of the Bluboo Edge smartphone with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Fingerprint Scanner and Heartbeat Sensor
The fingerprint scanner of this unitgood enough. The speed is high, slightly inferior to flagship scanners like the OnePlus 3T (it is the fastest principle). However, it works stably, the probability of error is extremely small. The finger can be applied from any side, it works even on wet fingers. It is possible to attach up to 5 fingerprints to the phone.

You can evaluate the speed of work in comparison with the iPhone 7. Yes, it works faster on Bluboo Edge than on the iPhone, but you won’t forget about the features of the iOS interface that I don’t really like.

Also very useful is the use of the Home key (scanner) for other purposes, such as how it is implemented in Meizu smartphones.

Heart rate sensor also pleased with the similarityresults with those in Mi Band 2 and smart watch No.1 S9. Not 10 out of 10 works, errors are possible, but it is quite possible to use. The translation into Russian is a little smile, but oh well.

The difference in readings usually does not exceed 6-7 beats per minute. Of course, the compared heart rate monitors cannot be considered as reference, but the fact that the readings do not differ so much is already pleasing.

The process of determining the heart rate is shown in the video

The sound from the external speaker is average in both volume and sound quality.

Nothing special will not surprise and upset. Although no! still surprise))) I accidentally noticed an interesting point ... This smartphone, like many others, has a speaker grill at the bottom. So, if you close the grill with your finger, the sound is practically not muffled! According to the vibration of the case, it seems that the speaker is supposedly located just below the center of the back of the smartphone and the sound goes directly through it))

I even found a video of disassembling the case to make sure that this is not so) After all, this can not be.

The sound in the headphones turned out to be unexpectedly good. Music plays with dignity even without adjusting for the budget of the device. I used Xiaomi Piston 2, Hybrid Pro and Meizu HD-50 headphones for the test.

Bluboo Edge smartphone turned out uniquelybeautiful and eye-catching in terms of design among smartphones in its price segment. It has a body curved on both sides and probably at first those around will think that you have Samsung in your hand. If you wanted to buy a Samsung-and the Edge series because of the design, but the price was stopping, then a “copy” from Bluboo may well take place in your pocket. However, you need to understand that for the price this smartphone costs, you won’t get a cool camera, powerful hardware and IP68 protection.
The rest of the clone from Bluboo manifests itself withon the good side: the display is quite good, the fingerprint scanner works smartly and stably, it has functionality similar to the home button in smartphones from Meizu. The interface works without lags and freezes, a smartphone is quite enough for everyday tasks, surfing the Internet and for simple games. Autonomy of work is always enough for one day or more.
- Price
- Great design
- Nice display
- Fingerprint scanner works quickly and clearly
- Good sound in the headphones
- Rich equipment
- heavy weight
- The pictures on the main camera come out too overexposed (in sunny weather) and have a lot of noise in the dark
- Weak iron
- No oleophobic coating
- Lack of designations for touch control buttons
- Combined slot for SIM cards / memory cards
That's all for me! Until new reviews!