Bluboo Picasso 4G smartphone - updated handsome, now with NFC!

Greetings, friends!
I purchased a device from Bluboo and I hastenshare your impressions with you. Bluboo Picasso 4G is an updated Bluboo Picasso model with support for 4G networks, as you might guess) However, the differences lie not only in the supported GSM frequencies. The manufacturer made several more changes to the device’s stuffing, while the cost increased slightly. Details under the cut
Proof of purchase

The smartphone comes in a recycled cardboard box with the Bluboo logo.

On the back of the box are the main technical specifications:

The kit is standard: warranty, operating instructions, charger and micro-USB cable. An exception to the rule is only an NFC tag (yes, the smartphone has an NFC module).

Charger with output characteristics: 5V, 1A

In the hand, the smartphone lies well, using one hand does not cause any particular problems.

On the front panel there are: an event indicator, a proximity sensor, an ambient light sensor, a selfie camera with flash and a speaker.

On the back there is a camera and a dualLED flash. The camera lens does not protrude above the surface of the housing. The texture is applied on the cover in separate blocks at different angles of inclination. When sunlight hits, the back panel begins to give glare, changing the shades of individual parts of the picture. It looks pretty pretty.

Side faces are stylized in metal, solutionit’s not new at all, of course, and not to say that I am a lover of such a thing ... I like the metal frame more. In Umi London, for example, they could make a metal frame, although the cost of the device is 55-60 dollars.

On the right side are the volume rocker and the power button.

At the bottom there are: a speaker, a micro-USB port and a microphone.

At the top there is another microphone and a 3.5mm Jack.

The body design is collapsible, so let's see what is under the cover of this smartphone. The lid sits very tight, it is not so easy to remove.

Two SIM card slots are hidden under the batterymicro-SIM format and a slot for memory cards. Well, at least the SIM card slot is not combined, as they like to do recently. I really do not like this decision.

Measured device dimensions: 131.2 * 70.2 * 9 mm

The smartphone in the hand feels rather light.

Weight: 153 grams.

Bluboo Picasso 4G screen size is 5 inches. Installed IPS-screen with HD resolution. There is no air gap between the protective glass and the matrix. The color rendering quality is generally good, but still far from the flagships. Also, I did not really like the distortion of colors when viewed from the lower left and right edges. The display is starting to turn blue ...

The stock of brightness is small. In direct sunlight, the picture fades, although it is still possible to read the text on the display.

An oleophobic coating is present.

The touch screen only supports 2 touches, trouble ... Although there were no false positives, the screen is quite responsive to touch.

Bluboo Picasso 4G smartphone is running the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

There is no pre-installed Chinese software, so you don’t have to hemorrhage about removing unnecessary programs with hieroglyphs.

Gestures are supported for quick access to a number of functions.

The MediaTek MT6735P processor with four Cortex A53 cores, a core frequency of 1 GHz, is responsible for the operation of the device. Mali-T720 is responsible for the graphics. Installed 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory.
When the device starts up, the user has access to: 11.78Gb of read-only memory and 800MB of free RAM.

At a comfortable FPS level, only unpretentious games work on schedule. In World of Tanks and Asphalt 8, you won’t be able to play comfortably at maximum speed and medium ones.
With long video or game playback, the case heats up slightly, the maximum temperature in the warmest parts of the case reaches 35-36 degrees Celsius.

Antutu test showed 23,401 parrots.

AIDA64 test

Geekbench Test

3Dmark test

CPU-Z Test

Epic Citadel Test

GPS was tested using the popular GPS Test app, as well as in the car using Yandex Navigator. Satellites with a cold start are literally within 10-12 seconds, there is no problem with this.

Wi-fi also works fine, access points are fast, the connection is stable. In the screenshots: the signal level through the wall and at a distance of two meters from the signal source.

The difference between this smartphone and its classmatesthere was also the presence of an NFC module. It also works well. It allows you to pay in supermarkets and metro, as well as quickly transfer media files to another device.

NFC work demonstrated on video

GSM-communication works well at all frequencies: 2G, 3G, 4G. The interlocutor is heard normally and he does not have problems with the perception of your speech.
Bluetooth version 4.0 works without problems. He finds devices quite fast.

The manufacturer updated the main camera module by installing a 13 megapixel (interpolated) module instead of 8 megapixels. Autofocus works pretty fast for a budget employee.
Photo quality of the main camera on automaticThe settings in the daytime are relatively good. However, the white balance fails ... white color hits the eyes and photos with snow come out overexposed. The situation can be corrected using manual settings.
Examples of pictures in the daytime:

Examples of pictures in the dark:

An example of video shooting can be found here:
The selfie camera received an 8 megapixel (interpolated) module. The pictures are quite suitable for a selfie. Pleased with the front flash.

According to the manufacturer, the smartphone has a 2800 mah battery.

When charging the device, the power supply produces a voltage of 4.94V, 1.02A current.

After a full discharge before turning off the device and charging to 100%, the tester showed 2029 mah. The battery says 2800mah at 3.8V, so that everything turns out right.

From experience with use, I can say that even withquite active use, Bluboo Picasso 4G will survive until the end of the day. This is facilitated by a fairly non-energy-consuming hardware and Android 6.0, in the development of which a significant role was assigned to the issue of energy conservation. With moderate use, by the end of the day, a figure flashes on the screen in the region of 30% of the charge, which I think is not bad.
With the active use of capacity lasts about 5 hours of continuous operation with the interface. The discharge schedule is uniform.

The sound from the speaker does not shine at a special volume, however, after doping through the engineering menu, the volume has changed for the better and it can now be called average.
Link to the forum, where he learned how to do this:
After increasing the volume, wheezing was not added, which means that the speaker’s capabilities were not fully disclosed.
The sound level meter produces a volume in the region of 131 dB.

The sound in the headphones is not bad for the deviceof this price category. I checked the sound on the headphones Xiaomi Piston 2, Meizu HD-50 and others. As a player can be used by ordinary people, music lovers by itself is not an option)

We highlight the main pros and cons of this smartphone
- Attractive appearance (especially the back cover) and vibrant body colors.
- Support LTE
- The presence of a flash for the front camera
- Android 6.0 out of the box without Chinese software
- The presence of an NFC module
- Touch screen for only two touches
- Small margin of display brightness
- Problems with white balance when photographing in auto mode (I hope they will correct it with updates) Or, as an option, you can use third-party software for the camera or manual settings.