Smartphone Doogee dg330

Greetings to all.
I am writing my first review, so do not judge strictly). I was prompted to write this review by the complete lack of information and (I apologize for the tautology) reviews on this smartphone in Runet. In general, I present a review of the Doogee dg330 mint smartphone.
Users of this resource already know the name Doogee, so I will not dwell on this in detail. I liked my smartphone first of all, mydesign and 5 inch screen. The smartphone is in my use for 4 days, so I will try in this review to consider all the advantages and disadvantages that have been noticed by me for such a short period of use. I will try to attach the test results, in which I am at least a little versed.
The smartphone was shipped by Singapore post 3 days after payment. He reached me in 31 days in the Russian Federation, Saratov Region.
The box was well packed and in no wayI didn’t suffer on such a long journey. The box is made in the style of Samsung ala recycled cellulose. In general, I really liked the performance of packaging and accessories. The kit includes instructions, charger, cable, film, headphones. The unpacking process was filmed on video.


Further, my thoughts and comments about the smartphone.
1. The assembly is very good, nothing creaks and does not play
2. The screen is large, bright and juicy, but unfortunately the picture is very distorted at angles
3. The camera is quite mediocre, the quality is poor
Photo examples

4. The performance of the smartphone is on top (games like GTA Sa are going fine)
5. Design, for my taste, even nothing
6. The phone is thin and comfortable
7. A 1.5-touch multi-touch is certainly not very good, but not critical for me
8. The batteries last for a day of active use
9. For many, this is important): there is an LED indicator of events
10. Antutu test for reasons unknown to me gives an error when trying to pass it. I think that with these characteristics, the smartphone should score about 17,000 points.
- good performance
- low price
- great build
- large screen
- nice design (subjective)
I almost forgot: there is even such a doubtfully useful function as gesture control, which works quite correctly. The review was written in haste, due to lack of free time and constant procrastination of the author, so I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Perhaps later the review will be supplemented or the operating experience of the device will be described. In general, thank you all for your attention! Have a nice day!
P.S. Very pleased with the purchase)