Oukitel U15 PRO Smartphone (5.5 ″, 3GB / 32GB MTK 6753)

Today in the review is a good smartphone Oukitel U15 pro. The phone has a 5.5 "display, 3GB of RAM, a 32GB drive, an MTK 6753 processor and an aluminum case.
I ask for details under cat.

There are 3 colors of phones on sale (black, golden, pink (pink gold)

Dimensions and weight

The smartphone comes in a familiar orange cardboard box.

one. Smartphone
2. Charger 5V 1A.
3. usb-microusb cable
4. A clip from a tray of sim cards
5. Silicone bumper
6. English manual with warranty card

The smartphone case is made of metal, on top andplastic inserts at the bottom of the phone, despite the budget, the device has a very good assembly, the buttons do not ring, the SIM card tray does not stick out and does not play. Due to the rounded side of the smartphone, the phone lies well in the hand.

On the front side, above the display, a proximity sensor, light sensor, event indicator, speaker grille, front camera

Three-color event indicator - blue, red,green. Blue blinks when there is an event (SMS, missed call, notification, etc.) Red when charging the battery, or when charging below 15%, green when charging is completed.

under the display 3 touch buttons (menu, home, back), no backlight

On the right side - the power button and volume buttons

On the left side of the combined tray microsim card + we put a card / memory card.

Above is a 3.5 mm headset jack.

Bottom - the main speaker, microphone and micro-usb connector with OTG support. Defines a 64gb flash drive via otg, and works with it very smartly.

The main speaker is of normal quality, no worse than the same xiaomi redmi 3. So far I have had 2 smartphones that have really good sound, this is umi emax mini (the best sound) and infocus m560.
At the back there is a camera, a single LED flash (although dual on advertising photos) and a fingerprint sensor.

The fingerprint sensor works fine,I have no complaints. Unlocked the first time. It can also be used to receive an incoming call, to release the shutter on the camera, and other similar scenarios.
The camera protrudes beyond the plane of the phone, but the lens itself is slightly recessed behind the metal rim. When the phone is in the bumper, the camera is flush with it.

Installed IPS matrix with HD resolution from Sharp (according to the manufacturer).
The display is bright, saturated, at the corners the image does not fade, does not invert, there are no highlights. I liked the display.
White is a little warm.
It is not clear why there is no miravision setting.

The display does not have an air gap (OGS), glass with 2.5D technology is used, the oleophobic coating is good, prints are rubbed off easily.
Check for oleophobic coating.

The touchscreen is responsive, 5 touches.

According to the manufacturer, the battery capacity is 3000 mAh. The battery is not removable.
The phone is charged with a current of 0.9A. Because of this, the charging time is about 3.5 hours. I would like it faster.

Now I use a smartphone with identical hardware, with a 2800 mAh battery. I have enough for a day of active use, and for 2 days when used with medium intensity.
The monitored smartphone showed the same results, even the test in geekbench 3 coincided.
Oukitel u15 pro

Vernee thor with 2800 battery

Level discharge

The phone sleeps well, it takes 3-4% of the battery charge per night.
Tests (antutu, epic citadel, and others)
In antutu gaining 40k

Epic citadel

geekbench 3

In general, everything is standard for a bunch of mtk6753 and hd display.
I liked that the phone almost does not heat up, I drove the antutu test ten times, I did not notice a decrease in performance. Asphalt 8 at maximum settings is going fine, no friezes.
Supported Sensors

Memory test

Navigation system
The phone supports GPS and Glonass

Navigation works well, connects to satellites quickly.
I recorded a foot track, everything was recorded exactly as I was walking, excellent results, phones are not always more expensive to show such results.

Wifi also pleased, it sees a little more networks than it catches my vernee thor with which I compare other phones, and rarely when any one catches a network better. There are no claims to wifi.
Behind two brick walls, the signal is good

Unfortunately, there is nothing to check the 5GHz frequency for, but Aida64 writes that it supports

With the quality of communication everything is fine, the interlocutor of mehe hears well. The volume of the spoken speaker with a margin, the quality of the speaker is good, but I am demanding of the spoken speaker
Supported frequencies

operating system
The smartphone has Android 6.0 installed. The system is clean, without any Chinese applications. There are double tap and other smart gestures. There are also 4 themes for the standard launcher.

The manufacturer is kind of going to make an android7, but whether he will or not, we find out after a while. There were already 2 updates, when the phone arrived, the firmware version was v10, then it was updated to v11, and just a few days ago the update v14 came.
The main camera here is 16 Mp (I thinkExplain which 16 megapixels it is not necessary :), with an aperture of f / 2.2. The camera is of average quality, if you do not forget about the price. Other phones costing $ 100 sometimes shoot a little better, and sometimes worse. In other matters, judge for yourself. Originals here

One more photo

The front 5MP is normal.

I didn’t shoot the video, because I don’t see the point, the quality will not be good.
Finally, a few photos in the complete bumper

In general, the phone for my money is normal, glitchesI didn’t find that everything works smartly ... There are some disadvantages with which you can put up with (although to whom it may be), but despite this for $ 100 the phone is good. I will not say that it can be obtained for $ 80, etc., using cashback and coupons, since such a discount can be obtained on any phone.
The advantages include:
- 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage
- great fingerprint scanner
- good build quality
- there is an indicator of events
- battery 3000 mAh
By cons I'll take:
- camera quality (still I would like better)
- charging about 3.5 hours
- Combined tray, but this is now more likely as a rule, and not an exception.
Thanks for attention! I hope my review will help to make the right choice. If you have questions, ask in the comments.