Smartphone Oukitel U15 Pro - the third tier is coming!

Greetings dear friends. Today I will talk about a smartphone from the brand Oukitel model u15 Pro. If you have a limited Internet connection, then you will lose a certain amount of traffic. Please consider!
Not so long ago, I was holding a smartphone of some kind of Chinese name-type Uhans and the sensations were not the most pleasant: a terrible build, buggy firmware, a loud microphone and speaker. As a result, a strong opinion was formed thata Chinese smartphone, if it is not a smartphone of a Chinese editorial such as Meizu or Xiaomi, and even more so a state employee - this is something of poor quality, terrible and indecent. But now there was the opportunity to feel the u15 Pro, and I’ll tell you the first impression was far from skeptical.
Want some details? Read below.
I want to immediately warn / inform - the smartphone was provided for testing, but the opinion about it is absolutely objective. There are no goals to praise.
The smartphone comes in a traditional Oukitel box in orange. It is dense, high-quality and performs its protection and presentability functions 100%.

The kit is a little more than nothing: a smartphone, a charging cable, a clip, a 1A charger, a protective film glued to the screen and a silicone bumper that was already worn on the smartphone.

The accessories are not bad, no worse than my kit from Xiaomi Redmi 3S (in the review I will draw parallels if possible).
Appearance and display
Externally, the smartphone looks beautiful, not aggressive,practical and probably universal. However, with the color of the case, universality is not always appropriate. In my case, the back of the smartphone is “pink gold” and besides the beautiful half, I think no one will like it anymore. However, the case will solve this problem.
The assembly is gorgeous, it is a one-piece, non-collapsible monoblock. Nothing creaks, no backlash, buttons do not dangle.

In our case, the front part in white, the rear all-metal in the color "pink gold".
Almost the entire front panel is 5.5Sharp inch production screen according to the manufacturer with HD resolution. I will say right away that I liked the screen, high-quality picture, low resolution does not cause discomfort. There is enough brightness both in the dark and on a sunny day. 2.5D technology is applied to the display, which I consider a minus due to the inability to fully use protective glasses.

Viewing angles are excellent, colors are not inverted.

But I will definitely take the display into pluses and it is more interesting than that in Xiaomi Redmi 3S.
Above the display is a traditional set: a 2 megapixel front camera with interpolation up to 5 megapixels, light and proximity sensors, an auditory speaker, an event indicator.

Under the display are the touch keys "back", "menu" and "home".
They do not have a backlight, but they are quite confident.

Anticipating questions and I just can’t help buttouch on a new topic of discussion recently - this is the scope of the display. Given the white color of the front panel, the frames are fairly well visible and they are significantly larger than the same Xiaomi Redmi 3S. But personally, this does not give me any inconvenience.

Multi-touch here by the way for 5 touches - this is enough for comfortable use.

The back is made of metal with plastic inserts on top and bottom. What I liked was the lack of transition from metal to plastic, which Xiaomi Redmi 3S cannot boast of.

At the top in the center is the eye of the main camera of 13 megapixels with interpolation up to 16 megapixels, a single-tone flash and a fingerprint scanner.

At the bottom of the back cover we see the name of the manufacturer. This would be limited to, but no, the site address and certification information go further. What for? Minus.
On the left side is a hybrid slot: 2 sim (nano + micro) or 1 sim (micro) and 1 memory card (micro SD).

On the right side are the volume buttons and the power button. The buttons move well, they are easy to press.

At the top end lonely is a standard headphone jack.
The bottom end contains a microphone, a microUSB charging port and a slot for the main speaker.

The weight of the device was sickly 201 grams. This is felt as soon as you take the device in your hands - a pleasant burden! Although for some it may be a drawback.
Iron, shell, performance.
With appearance over and go inside. Under the hood of our u15 Pro is only MTK6753. I think the stocks of this processor in warehouses in China are about the same as the stocks of the Lenovo P780 smartphone: unlimited!
This is a chip with 8 cores at 1.3 GHz built on64-bit architecture. No, he is enough for the eyes, he is quite awake for the tasks of 90% of users, but still at the end of 2016, I want to see at least 430 dragon or MT6755 here. Special thanks to the manufacturer for not sticking FullHD resolution here, so everything flies on the smartphone.
The RAM also doesn’t look like a weak link - its 3 GB here and it's cool. In addition, there is as much as 32 GB of permanent memory, which also can not but rejoice.
All this farm is running.Android 6.0 The shell is almost pristine - it is bare Android with minor cosmetic changes and it is a bold plus compared to Xiaomi Redmi 3S. I love simplicity and the ability to configure everything myself. Only crutches with notifications on MIUI are worth it. But ... This is just my opinion, which does not claim to universal truth and therefore I do not want to become the subject of discussion on this topic.

The smartphone has the ability to change themes, of which 4 are offered.

There is support for unlocking double tap.

In general, the system is translated into Russian almost completely, occasionally there are items in English.
Next, I propose to get acquainted with the screenshots of the system, where you will see the amount of memory, the desktop, etc.
Screenshots of the system

I tested the smartphone in popular benchmarks and got the expected results as for the now relatively budgetary.
Test screens under the spoiler.

What is the conclusion on benchmarks? Very simple - the smartphone is not a wimp, but certainly not a monster. A sort of chief over the wimps!
Game performance was tested on tanks - at high settings naturally there were lags, on medium everything was ok. Here, too, all without miracles.
During tests and games, the smartphone heats up. He certainly does not burn his hands, but heats up much more noticeably than Xiaomi Redmi 3S. Under normal non-demanding operating conditions, the heating is moderate and unobtrusive.
The smartphone supports two SIM cards, with one radio module. Everything is standard. There is support for LTE and judging by the claimed ranges, there should not be any problems with reception.

The quality of the communication surprised - it is excellent. No, I do not praise, but it is not inferior to Xiaomi Redmi 3S in any way: voice transmission in both directions, subscriber audibility, communication via speakerphone in Skype - everywhere is excellent. In addition, the signal reception is quite stable.
WiFi, Bluetooth flawlessly: work without interruptions in connection.
GPS also did not disappoint: a cold start took about 20 seconds. Subsequently, the connection occurred almost instantly. There is support for GPS, GLONASS, in addition, satellites of the Chinese BEIDOU system occasionally skipped.

Leads the route no worse than Xiaomi Redmi 3S. But of course it catches less satellites.
The camera here is 13 megapixels with interpolation up to 16 megapixels. The photomodule sticks out of the housing by about 1 mm. And as if this is a minus, but the cover solves the problem and a rim of protection protrudes above the glass of the camera, not allowing the glass of the camera lens to suffer from scratches.

Camera without miracles: good in the afternoon, bad in the evening.
The camera settings are the most standard for stock Android, so everything is clear.
Next, I’ll attach the pictures, compared to Xiaomi Redmi 3S.
Let's just say the camera is better than budget employees within$ 100, but of course inferior to my Xiaomi. However, it is enough for everyday tasks, especially when we recall the price. If the sensor falsifies, then HDR will help).
I didn’t take pictures of natural landscapes on a sunny day - they will come out so well. Photo indoors with artificial light and comparison with Xiaomi night photos.
U15 Pro

U15 Pro without HDR

Xiaomi Redmi 3S without HDR

U15 Pro with HDR

Xiaomi Redmi 3S with HDR

The video is shitty - autofocus is not fast. But again, this is compared to Xiaomi.
The originals of the photos are on the cloud - I don’t know if the link can be given. I’ll write in the comments if possible, but so I think everything is clear.
The smartphone has a non-removable 3000 mAh battery produced by SCUD, as the manufacturer promised.
Who does not know, SCUD is quite largethe manufacturer and its products are of excellent quality. In the past, I ordered batteries from this office for several dialers and they held a charge much more vigorously than the stock battery.
It was poured into the phone, which was charging in the off state, more than 3100mAh.

In fact, in real use, the smartphone draws about 5-6 hours of the screen, which I consider more than a worthy result.
On average, I have enough autonomy for 2 days.
Well, here we come to the conclusions, which traditionally will include the pros and cons.
+ build quality
+ call quality
+ amount of RAM and ROM
+ equipment
+ firmware
+ display
- processor
+ - price (could be lower, but I think it will fail quickly)
+ - camera: it is not the worst, but could be better.
So what is the meaning of the title? Oukitel is certainly not an A-class brand and it can’t compete with Xiaomi for example, which due to high speed can afford to set low prices, but at the same time, the breakthrough and progress of such small manufacturers is obvious.
I think this office is quite capable of pulling itself and releasing sane gadgets at sane prices!
That's all, everything, the smartphone is excellent for its money and worth it. According to the link, the smartphone is expensive, in other stores the price has already fallen significantly, so choose your place of shopping!
The review is absolutely objective and all praise / criticism of the subject is completely and completely deserved by him.
I probably recommend buying, I will answer questions.