Smartphone Oukitel U20 Plus - Damn devil in the damn little things!

Oukitel among all 3rd tier brandsIn my subjective opinion, it is distinguished by the absence of frank jambs in their devices. No, she certainly has her own minor sins, but to the level of “We will tell everyone that the smartphone has OGS, but in reality it will only be for those copies that we distributed through the reviewers ...” (hello, Uhans) never dropped . This in itself is not bad, especially in the ultra-budget segment of the market (in the “up to $ 100” category).
But, as we all know perfectly well, the devil lies inlittle things. And today I’ll talk about perhaps one of the best ultra-budget smartphones for up to $ 100, which nevertheless clearly illustrates the fundamental difference between semi-basement China and A-class brands.
Processor: MTK6737T (overclocked 6737)
Screen: 5.5 FullHD IPS OGS
Cameras: Front at 5MP, the main at 13 + 0.3mp
Battery: 3200mAh


Design and assembly.
“Do not chase everything at once”
In the U20 Plus, the main emphasis was on the filling, noton a wrapper, and that was the right decision, because the budget is not rubber, but the guys also want to earn a penny. The design of the smartphone can be described as "the most simplified Iphone 7 Plus." Simplified not only visually. Everyone's favorite (including me) metal was replaced here with solid matte plastic. Not the worst quality, it should be noted.

All hardware buttons are also plastic andmoved to the left side. Slightly staggered, but pressed confidently, even in a silicone case. If you are a completely frozen conservative in terms of ergonomics, then ... well, ok, you know better. But for me there is no problem getting used to a slightly non-standard arrangement of buttons. A couple of days, and the fingers themselves stretch where necessary.
The fingerprint scanner is on the back and itso-so. From 1 time it almost never works for me. More precisely ... he feels a touch, but he can’t recognize his finger correctly. He copes with 2-3 attempts. However, there is 1 nice software feature that makes it at least somewhat useful: you can assign 1 short press “back”, and 1 long “exit to the desktop”. It’s convenient, especially considering the fact that the U20 Plus is still a shovel, and sometimes reaching with the thumb down to the touch buttons of the kapets is uncomfortable and generally lazy.

In general, the smartphone in terms of ergonomics is quite an average shovel with all the consequences.
Too big? Well then, you made a mistake with the device ...
There are no special complaints about the assembly either. No nasty creaks, gaps and other things. Everything in its place (except for buttons, heh). Plastic monolith.
The lid, by the way, is non-removable, and the SIM tray is combined: 2 SIM cards, or 1 SIM card + 1 SD card.
The main speaker on the left, on the right is the microphone (when viewed from the front. In the photo - vice versa).

“And it was so close ...”
From a hardware point of view - ideal. Exactly what is needed. 5.5 inches (my favorite size), FullHD-resolution, OGS, excellent color reproduction, a sufficient range of brightness, in general - an excellent IPS-matrix. It can only be better with technology that extends beyond the $ 100 range.
BUT. BUT. There are as many as 2 BUT.
1 - is being squeezed. And without much effort. A light “wave” appears even from the usual such average tapas. After you notice this 1 time, your life will never be the same. Painfully. Unpleasant. Such a small, seemingly jamb, in such a sea of ​​pluses ... but it hurts me a lot. Probably because in 1 of my previous smartphones, which also had a display, after some time, small distortions began to appear in the places of the live, noticeable at an angle, on the basis of which a little paranoia developed on this score.

2 is not such a terrible jamb. And it is rather software.
The image on the screen is shifted upward by 5-10 pixels. And below there is a strip with distortion. In everyday work, this is not striking, and you can tolerate. I think in the next update everything will be fixed.

Touch for 5 touches. There are no complaints about the work. Everything is perfect here.
On duty, I often hold smartphones in my handsA-brands. And I'm always wildly enraged by what they get up with naked Androyd. A bunch of useless software, some shabby obscure interface - everything is out of place, a "heavy" design, and a lot of all sorts of obscure garbage that slows down dead hardware in devices up to 12k rubles (we are talking about devices sold in large mobile phone stores in the Russian Federation)
Oukitel in this regard makes me happy. That on k4000 there was nothing superfluous, that here.
In the system of "foreign" only a simple launcher without bells and whistles and a couple of software features.

Super-long screenshot and screen recording, access to which is from the settings curtain:

The item "system update" (by air) is a separate application. In the settings you will not find it. Keep in mind.

“Predictable failure? ...”
So we got to the cherry on the cake. And not even to 1, but immediately to 2.
The main feature of the smartphone is a dual camera module. The first at 13mp (Sony imx135) and the second at 0.3.
The essence of the second module is the same as on the iphone 7 Plus - to imitate Boke (blur the background), creating the illusion of shooting with a DSLR.
In a smartphone, this feature is called SLR.

And it works extremely disgusting. In fact, it is not objects in defocus that are blurred, but simply the edges of the photo. In this case, the boundaries of the objects in focus are violated.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not get a normal frame in this mode. Maybe it’s me that’s lopsided and “I don’t understand anything,” but that’s how it happened.
Here are some examples of shooting in SLR:

However, failure on the 2nd module does not mean at all that 1 screwed up. Not.
For its price, the camera here is one of the best, and you can really take good pictures on it. If you really try.
Examples of photos (almost all were reduced by 1.5-2 times, because the site gave an error while loading. Originals are heavy):

The camera software seemed damp to me. It can be seen that they worked on it, but did not order the “standard Chinese package” from some left-wing guys. (well, or ordered a "standard Chinese premium + package"). Switching between modes is inconvenient, especially “flipping” to the coveted SLR - that’s another punishment.
I will not list all the modes, because they are for the most part in the "standard Chinese package." The design of the application is nice, somewhat reminiscent of a Google camera.

The video shoots in FullHD format. You can rate it in my full video review (Be sure to look! The link will be at the end.)
In general, the camera is exactly what I expected to see here.
Only an extremely naive person could believe that for $ 90-100 he would get a bokekha
Sony A7SII level with a fast portrait.
“Serious guys will scroll through the contact, and not shoot at the tanks.”
MT6737T - Turbocharged version 6737 - veryHe showed himself well in everyday work. It easily copes with a FullHD display. Scroll, switch between applications, open, close ... anything - quickly, pleasantly - what you need to consume Internet content. In this regard, the Oukitel U20 Plus is one of the most buzz devices that I had.
However, the smartphone is not gaming.
At such a high resolution in the most difficult games, the processor suffocates and heats up. And what did you want from a sensitively tightened version of the most budgetary (from not obsolete) MediaTek stone?
I won’t paint for a long time, I’ll just give specific examples:
WOT Blitz - played at the very minimum settings of 40-45fps. On medium - hellish drawdowns up to 15-20.
Modern Combat 5 is the same as with WOT.
Asphalt Extrime - preset “improved quality” pulls fine.
At the same time, the temperature at the stone cores easily rises to 65-70 degrees, which, as you know, is not ICE at all.

Here are the results of the benchmarks:

“That same feeling when the numbers make sense!”
The battery is declared at 3300mAh. The actual capacity is somewhere from 3100 to 3200 (I overexposed it slightly on charging. After 100%, albeit very slowly, but the charge still continues to pour):

Stress Test Results at Antutu Tester:

Smartphone battery tracking is accurate. There is no eternal last percent. Is that the first 10 leak faster than the rest.
In practice, with 4g constantly turned on, and rather intensive use (without games), the device survives from morning to evening.
In standby mode, it loses 7-10% per night.
It’s quite usual autonomy for most smartphones. Well, maybe a little above average.
Nothing special. The sound from the main speaker is loud enough not to miss a call. The quality is the same as on the vast majority of state employees.
The speaker is normal. The volume even for noisy streets is enough.
The microphone is loud and clear. The interlocutor hears you perfectly.
The sound in the headphones is slightly above average, but to the level of Redmi 4A stomp and stomp. (Listened to xiaomi hybrid)
The 6737T, unlike the younger brother, has Glonass support.
But in practice, I did not see any miracle. Gps is just good, but, again, it does not reach the level of redmi 4a (although the gap is minimal).
"Damn devil in damn little things"

U20 Plus is a very cool smartphone in which Icould easily fall in love if not for a sagging screen. Some might call it baseless nitpicking, but I find it important. My little paranoia does not let go, and the brain is desperately trying to find excuses and solutions to this problem. I'm going to order a protective glass, maybe it will give the screen stiffness, and it will save me from waves that appear even from moderately strong tapes.
Little things are little devils that can easilyspoil the impression of anything. A microscopic scratch on a newly unpacked iPhone is a disaster, for which employees of mobile phone stores can easily grab a heavy fine (even if they are not to blame for anything).
And this, perhaps, is the key difference between semi-basement brands and A-brands. No, the second ones also have their skeletons in the closet, but they, nevertheless, try to avoid the very obvious jambs.
However, ending on such a sad note would be unfair.
For 6000r. for all its shortcomings - the U20 Plus is an excellent choice in itself, and the best for those who need a 5.5 inch shovel for video recorders and reading.
I can easily recommend it for purchase.
I also advise you to watch a full review of the smartphone on YouTube in order to evaluate the quality of video recording of the main camera. (And anyway - I tried

Thank you all for your attention. Good luck!