Smartphone Ulefone Power 2, the continuation of the line of centenarians.

Hello! Today on the review is a smartphone with a powerful Ulefone Power 2 battery. It is a direct descendant of the past long-lived Ulefone Power, but with more advanced features. The new model has acquired an energy-efficient processor, a more powerful graphics processor, as well as a metal case. All its characteristics look good on the screen.monitor, but what is it when used in real life? I will try to talk about this in my review. Who cares about smartphones not of the first echelon, welcome to cat.
Specifications: - 5.5-inch display, Full HD (1920? 1080), IPS; 401 PPI, Corning Gorilla 3 Glass
- Processor MediaTek MT6750T (4 cores at 1.5 GHz + 4 cores at 1 GHz); Mali-T860MP2 Graphics Accelerator (650 MHz)
- Built-in memory 64 GB
- Main cameras - 13 megapixels (interpolation up to 16 megapixels); frontal - 8 megapixels (interpolation up to 13 megapixels)
- Communication Two slots: nanoSIM and nanoSIM + microSD
2G (GSM): 850/900/1 800/1 900 MHz;
3G (WCDMA): 900/2 100 MHz;
4G (FDD-LTE): 800/900/1 800/2 100/2 600
Bluetooth 4.0
- Wireless interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, 2.4G / 5G, Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS
- microSD expansion slots (up to 256 GB, instead of the second SIM card), OTG
- Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, light sensor, eCompass, fingerprint scanner.
- Android 7.0 Nougat operating system
- Battery 6,050 mAh, MediaTek PumpExpress 2.0.
- Dimensions 155? 77.6? 9.9 mm
- weight 210 g
Packing and equipment The smartphone is delivered in a black cardboard box with red inserts. To open, you need to pull the red "tongue".

In the recesses are: smartphone, charger and other accessories. The phone itself was originally in protective films, but as they were used they were removed. The most attentive probably already noticed that the color scheme of the box and configuration resembles One Plus.

Rich equipment.

The instruction is in several languages, including Russian.

A paper clip to remove the tray.

A protective glass with a bluish tint, but as they say "at least something"

The stand ring that sticks onsmartphone. There are two ways to use it: use it as a stand when watching a video, or stick your finger in the ring and hold the phone without fear that it will fall out of your hands. (although you can break a finger with such a phone))

Excellent, high-quality red cable 1 meter long.

OTG adapter.

Protective bumper with imitation leather coating. It has a poorly distinguishable Ulefone logo.

The bumper sits like a glove, but increases the thickness of the phone by a couple of millimeters.

A charger with support for MediaTek PumpExpress 2.0, which is capable of charging a smartphone with a voltage of volts. Charging has a euro plug and one USB port.

Support for MediaTek PumpExpress 2.0 is verified.

Maximum load tests

The appearance of the smartphone The smartphone is made in the same style as some other brands (Meizu, One Plus, Oukitel), so in its appearance there is nothing eye-catching, except for the thickness of a centimeter.
The front part of the device made in black is covered with 2.5D glass, under which there is a 5.5-inch FullHD display.

In terms of dimensions, this smartphone coincides with my Samsung S6 Edge Plus.

At the bottom of the front panel is locatedthe only touch button that also serves as a fingerprint scanner. The manufacturer moved the navigation panel to the bottom of the smartphone screen, thereby taking away the useful area of ​​the display. It is possible to use the touch button as a navigation, but because the button does not have a mechanical stroke, there will be no “home” function. The panel located on the screen can simply be hidden. The work of the fingerprint scanner does not cause dissatisfaction, it works perfectly, even “damn it” is better than my s6 edge plus.

In the upper part there is a front camera, an LED indicator, a speaker, proximity and light sensors.

The back of the device is made almostcompletely made of silver-colored metal, except for plastic inserts at the edges. The borders between the inserts and the metal have a visible edging, and the edges of the lid have a sloping shape that betray the smartphone better ergonomics.

On the cover there is an engraving of the manufacturer, as well as marking of the phone with the available certificates.

Also here is a rear camera with one LED flash. The camera module is protected by glass with a silver border.

At the top there is a lone 3.5 mm Jack for connecting headphones or a headset.

A speaker, microUSB with OTG function, as well as a microphone are located on the bottom of the device. The speaker sounds rather mediocre, but quite loud.

On the right side are the volume rocker and power button made of plastic.

On the left side is a tray for SIM cards,opening with a complete paper clip. The tray has already become a standard design, i.e. nanoSIM + nanoSIM, or nanoSIM + microSD. With certain skills, it is possible to install nanoSIM + nanoSIM + microSD.

The device’s screen is made using OGS technology,It has a good IPS matrix and FullHD resolution. The physical display size is 5.5 inches and the pixel density per inch is 401 PPI. I have no comments on the screen, it is excellent.

The width of the frames is a good 4 mm, by modern standards they are quite thick.

The glass of the display is covered with an excellent oleophobic coating, thanks to which fingerprints are removed easily and naturally.

Viewing angles are good and color reproduction is not significantly distorted.

Multi-touch supports 5 touches.

Interface.On board the device, Android 7.0 Nougat is installed, and the company launcher from Ulefone acts as a shell. The necessary applications for working with a smartphone are properly installed, there is no unnecessary “garbage”. There is also an FM radio application, which is quite rare these days.

Due to the fact that the appearance of a regular launcher disproved my essence of beauty, I installed a launcher from Google, and also hid the navigation panel. In addition, I zoomed in on the screen.

In the android settings, a lot has been addedbranded features. They include pop-up wheels for quick access to the phone’s applications and functions, control using the proximity sensor (with a wave of the hand), unlocking with a double tap, and also calling applications using gestures. A program has also been installed to run applications under various accounts.

In the scanner settings, you can enter several fingerprints, as well as reconfigure the functions of the touch button.

The phone menu has the ability to automaticallyPO updates. To receive beta firmware versions, you must inform your administrator who is in the official contact group. After turning on the device, the user has 54 GB of internal memory.

Thanks to 7 android, the phone hasmulti-window mode. In order to open several applications at the same time, you need to go to the menu of running applications, drag one application to the top, and select the other from the remaining ones.

Performance and tests.As a processor, the smartphone has a chip from MediaTek MT6750T made according to the 28-nanometer process technology, which has 8 cores, 4 of which operate at a frequency of 1.5 GHz, and 4 others at a frequency of 1 GHz. For video processing, the Mali-T860 MP2 video accelerator operates at a frequency of 650 MHz. The amount of RAM is 4GB.
Indications in the AIDA 64 program. The smartphone has a good set of different sensors.

Indications in the CPU-Z program

Antutu Benchmark. The readings are small, as one would expect from such a processor.


Geekbench 4

Epic Citadel. The first test was carried out immediately after rebooting the device, the second after half an hour of running in Epic Citadel. As you can see, there are FPS drawdowns as a result of throttling.

GPS test.

WiFI speed test. The wireless module supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

Memory speed test.

Camera The smartphone has a rear camera on13 megapixels with interpolation up to 16 megapixels, ov13850 module from OmniVision. As the front camera, the 8MP ov8856 module is used with interpolation up to 13MP. The maximum resolution for video recording: the rear camera is 1920 × 1080, and the front camera is 1280 × 720.

The standard camera application has many settings. It is possible to change the white balance, resolution, enable HDR, as well as electronic stabilization when shooting video.

Photo examples
Rear camera when photographing on the street.

When shooting indoors, noticeable noises appear.

Photo on the front camera.

Video on the rear camera with a standard application. The video is recorded in 3gp format, some artifacts are noticeable. The camera application is still to saw and saw.
Record video using the Open Camera application. MP4 format, no artifacts.
Source code

Battery: The phone has a huge battery of 6050 mAh, which is the main feature of this unit. According to the manufacturer, it should be enough for several days of work.
First, check the battery capacity using a charge. Full charge at 5V lasted 4 hours 24 minutes, 5647mAh (29.15Wh) flowed in. Obviously does not reach the declared capacity, although a little.

Charging with a native adapter using PumpExpress 2.0. A full charge at 9V lasted 2 hours 10 minutes, 3181mAh (29.67Wh) joined

In order to more accurately find out the value of the battery capacity,I disassembled the phone, measured the voltage at full charge (4.35V) and full charge (3.35V). Then, having fully charged the phone, connected the wires to the battery terminals and started discharging it with a current of 1A, first to the telephone disconnect voltage (3.35V), and then to the minimum voltage of the battery itself (2.8V). After that, the resulting results were folded and received the full battery capacity.

I accidentally pulled the wire, because of this the construction of the graph was interrupted, so the continuation of the discharge separately. The resulting capacity used by the smartphone is 5591mAh.

Discharge up to 2.8V. Total capacity 5591 + 146 = 5737mAh.

Discharge graph on the phone.

Bottom line: A good phone with a capacious battery, an excellent set of functions, as well as rich equipment.
In the process of operation, the smartphone completely satisfied me, only this navigation panel and a rather average camera caused dissatisfaction. Well, the price, yes, it is somewhat overpriced.