Funny kids grenade backpack

Greetings from sunny and hospitable Baku!
Today's review will be about a funny children's grenade backpack.
Welcome to cat!
The son has already grown up, now he is a little over 3 years old, andit’s time to carry your own things like napkins, bottles, caps and cars. Usually we take it for pokatushki, there is a children's bicycle helmet that fits very nicely in shape.
Thinking about buying a backpack, and always unusual. Each parent wants his child to look stylish. Well, parents will understand me
Cars, dinosaurs, etc. have become boring. I started to search for something unusual, not very childish and inexpensive, of course.
I came across a grenade. I myself am a lover of everything military and camouflage, so the choice immediately fell on this backpack.
The color, of course, is also protective, so as not to depart from the militaristic theme.
I reached the backpack in the bag in about 20 days. There is no need in the box, as the material of the backpack is flexible and durable.
The material of the backpack is regular nylon.The shell is moderately thick and dense, I don’t even know what it is called. It is also akin to nylon with a cardboard or plastic base. The surface is pleasant to the touch, it is easy to clean, which is not unimportant. It arrived absolutely odorless.
The dimensions are compact, length 33cm, width 25cm, depth about 20cm by eye. The length of the straps is 32cm. It weighs only 268g.
It is sewn decently, the threads stick out from somewhere inside, but they can always be cut.
In the bowels of the backpack there is one mesh pocket with Velcro.
The lock is double-sided, when opening and closing it does not wedge. Tongues of the castle in the form of medals with stars.
Above the straps, one carrying handle, underneatha loop with a carabiner in the form of a ring and a loop on the side. I suspect that it is for a name key ring. Everyone is free to use it at their discretion. The main thing is that it is.
It makes an impression of a quality stitched thing,but I wouldn’t fill it with weights for two reasons — it’s harmful for children to lift weights and I don’t want to test the strength of the backpack, it's not a hiking bag.
The product is worth the money.
That's all, I think, nothing to add.
Comment if you have any questions.