UV 400 Polarized Sunglasses

Sunday dedicated a short review onparcel with cheap sunglasses. I have long wanted stylish wooden glasses - but for me they bite in price. Therefore, I chose inexpensive plastic made under bamboo.
I’ll start the review with the fact that the seller sent the package without a track, i.e. on the whole route of the parcel I never could check its whereabouts. This is one small minus that made my nerves tense.
The first thing that caught my eye when receivingParcels - this is her excellent packaging in a cardboard box, which on top was still glued with cardboard dampers. Of course, this naturally added a couple of advantages to transportation safety.

The frame itself is styled in bamboo and madefrom plastic. I note - high-quality plastic and PVC bamboo film are used. Therefore, such a low and pleasant price. The lenses are really polarized, checked on a Polaroid board.

The kit comes with the right rag for cleaning lenses - which adds pluses to the convenience of wearing glasses.
It is a pity that I did not order it in the summer season - so I hope to enjoy wearing it and thoroughly test the glasses for the next summer season.
To summarize, highlighting the pros and cons of the purchase:
+ overall positive impressions - comfortable to wear, look stylish, and most importantly a good overview of the lenses - the colors do not distort much.
+ speed of delivery - in 10 days has come.
+ you can choose any shade of lenses you like.
± there is no track (the seller did this to make the purchase cheaper) - on the one hand, it is not convenient to track the progress of the parcel, on the other, it becomes cheaper.
Thanks to all!