Three swimsuits in different colors at once

At the sale on August 19, taking the opportunity of coupons, I ordered my wife several swimsuits.
Somewhat - because I was approximately acquainted with the sizes, but I was completely discouraged by the various colors
As a result, 3 swimsuits of the same size arrived - S, different colors (models).
I draw your attention to the fact that there are no upper straps anywhere, diving from high altitudes is an open question
Sizes of the wife: 87/61/90.

The quality is pleasant, the protruding threads are within the normal range, the seams are even, in color + - everything agrees with the pictures on the lots.

Everyone in the bra has foam cups.

Apart from the proud inscription “made in china” and the size on the tags, there is no more information.
So I cannot say anything about the composition. We believe the seller: "Lycra, Nylon, Modal"
green (well, or yellow, I don’t already know)): both the top and bottom on the ties - the size is really, any
purple: top on ties, bottom - a fixed size. Two halves are fastened with U-shaped glands. Tends to disengage. The problem is solved in 3 minutes with additional firmware with threads of the same color. I hope so.
black: top with ties, bottom fixed size.
In fact, the size hit)))
Most likely we recommend to buy. They hold out for a while. In addition, inexpensive.
Well and live: