Stylish women bag

Hello, today I would like to share with you the long-awaited package with Ali.
For a long time I decided to order a bag with Ali, but still decided.
My choice fell on this handbag:

Delivery: Before Ukraine, the bag lasted 36 days. It was packed well. Inside was a puffed bag so that the bag would not wrinkle. The bag has no smell (as is usually the case with things from China).
Dimensions In the seller’s photo, the bag seems a little larger than it actually is.
Real sizes:
- Height 19 cm
- Width 24 cm
- Depth 10 cm

Also included is a long strap (to carry a bag over your shoulder), the maximum length of which is 108 cm. For me, this was important, since I often use a long handle.

Quality:The bag itself is lightweight, the material is pleasant to the touch, all the seams are even, it looks very neat, the handles are strong, the snake works well (no effort is needed when fastening and unfastening). The only drawback is the material inside the bag, it looks a bit like paper. And so the quality is quite good for the price.
Capacity: Despite the fact that the handbag is small, to my surprise, it turned out to be very spacious.
There are no divisions inside (one continuous compartment),only one small side pocket on the snake and two pockets for a phone or keys. By the way, in size these two pockets just fit the phone (diagonal of 5 inches) and a passport.
It contains everything you need: a wallet, a phone, documents, a hairbrush, napkins, keys. And there is also room for a 0.75 liter bottle of water.

Conclusion: Pros:
- price
- good quality
- the presence of a long handle
- capacity
I did not find any significant flaws. So I recommend to buy! By the way, such bags are often found in sales.
Thanks for attention.