Stylish and inexpensive women's sneakers

Hello! Today I will tell you about beautiful women's sneakers from China at an affordable price. This seller has a lot of models, these stand out with a nice-looking turquoise color. I ask for cat.
I ordered these sneakers familiar with Aliexpress. She likes the turquoise color, so I'm not surprised by this choice. And in my masculine opinion they seem prettycute. My friend has size 36 (or rather, between 36 and 37, but closer to the first, as she specified), so according to previous experience in shopping for shoes from China, she ordered size 37. On the product page, you can choose only in US units, in which size 37 corresponds to 5.5 US (according to the table in the description of the seller himself). Prices for sneakers are in the range of 12-14 cu at the time of writing the review, but for 12 it’s impossible to buy something normal, with such feet sizes girls are not found in our parts (heard from the girls themselves)). Sneakers are small, on a small foot. From the materials indicated that there is artificial leather, elastic, cotton lining and a sole made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). By the way, I wrote about this material in one of my past reviews of sneakers, which you can find here: And under the spoiler, I will duplicate from there information about the material:

We now begin to consider the sneakers themselves. They came in a bag without a box, which in my opinion is a minus for shoes, although this is characteristic of the Chinese. See the unpacking in the video at the bottom.
Front view:They look with a bang. Front mesh for ventilation of the legs. The sock bends upward at a solid angle when pressed, which is good. On the tongue and under it are inscribed. Although, with these inscriptions, the Chinese were smart and they got three different words, 2 in front of the sneaker and 1 on the side: QIX, QIXP (also duplicated on the back) and QIXING. I can only explain this by the fact that the sneakers made as many as 3 xD plants
Side view:On the sole, the barely noticeable No. 1 is also engraved;) Sneakers are stitched well, but inaccurate traces of glue are visible between the sole and the walls.
Back view:The back is not reinforced, but rather strong.
Let's look inside: There are no shortcuts on the inside of the tongue. The insole is removed, which means there will be no problems with drying.
Well, it remains to take a look at the sole:The pads are soft, I wrote about the material above. I hope the Chinese did not cheat and really used EVA.
Now I’ll tell you about the most important thing, about the sock. Despite the fact that the sneakers were actually ordered a size larger, they were almost end-to-end, i.e. small size order. The fingers rest a little on the toe, so running in such sneakers will not work, there must be space for running. But, according to her friend, after a whole day of walking, her leg was not tired and there was no feeling of discomfort. An important advantage of sneakers is their low weight. They sit well on the leg.
How they look on the leg:
One more photo

Watch the video with the disclosure of the package and a description of the appearance of the sneakers:

As a result, good sneakers for the price. Beautiful, light, with a good sole. The main thing is to choose the right size. Of the serious drawbacks: sloppy traces of glue over the sole.
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