Stylish aluminum USB HUB from ORICO

This is the beginning of a series of reviews of various useful devices from the well-known manufacturer ORICO. There was a need to buy something of a sort for gifts, and for myself, so I picked up a set for 10K over.
The first to go was a stylish aluminum hub. In this review, there will be measurements and a bonus, but, unfortunately, there will not be any dismemberments - the device was bought as a gift. Briefly - a very high-quality little thing, worth the money. To whom it is interesting - I ask under cut
The device comes in a traditional ORICO package - a high-quality box of light brown cardboard, a white shell with printing. We have the name and description of the device, factory data.
Inside - the hub itself in a soft white package, a 1m white cable, instructions and a blue and white card “From ORICO with Love”.

The hub itself has dimensions 93 * 68 * 35mm, made ofaluminum profile, on the sides of the plug with a machined surface. At the bottom are anti-slip strips. The workmanship is very high, no gaps and backlashes. Flash drives are inserted with the usual effort. The LED is blue, inconspicuous.
To test data rateused Crystal Disk Mark software, USB 3.0 flash Silicon Power 16Gb and the hero of the previous review - a case for USB HDD ORICO with 750Gb HDD on board. Alternate testing of both storage devices was carried out directly or through the hero of the review. In general, the speed of the drives did not fall, the deviations are related to the fact that in parallel with the measurements I worked on the same PC, which could affect the performance.
Important nuance: there is no possibility to connect external power, therefore, USB HDD operation is possible only when the hub is directly connected to the PC with a complete cable. There is not enough voltage with the HDD extension, it does not start.
Work speed

As a gift to the order, the seller sent a gift - miscarriage adapter for iMac.
Nothing to say about him - a simple passive adapter "for firing from around the corner." The only use is in the pictures
For shooting around the corner

Conclusion: a stylish high-quality contraption for those who care about appearance.
PS Yes, there are USB 3.0 hubs and five times cheaper, I know, thanks.