Stylus for capacitive screen

Good day.
There was a need to buy a stylus for windows-tablet, I chose this offer on Ali
by price / number of orders / reviews / externalview. At the moment, this seller’s offer is not available, but I think it’s not difficult to find an analogue. Apparently, this point is causing difficulties, so he indicated a link to a similar available product.
You can buy, but with reservations, for details, I invite you to cat.
After acquiring a tablet runningwindows 8.1 there is a need to buy a stylus. Even after calibrating the wheelbarrow, there were complaints about poking your finger at the elements located on the edges of the screen (for me, the Android OS is better optimized for poking with your fingers than windows 8.1). First decide right here and now buy a small, lightweight plastic stylus pen for ~ $ 3.67 at a nearby store. The stylus worked well, but not for long: the daughter picked out the tip from the plastic case without problems (radishes during assembly spared glue for fixing it):

I decided to stick it back with superglue, butthe law of meanness pressed too much on the tube, the glue spilled too much and part of the tip was flooded with it. The stylus is lost in sensitivity. Well, your favorite aliexpress is in a hurry to help
Here's what the purple stylus I ordered looks like:

All three:

Have you noticed that one is marked with a black marker? So I had to designate the defective.
I check the stylus in two ways:
1. Drag the application shortcut from one corner of the screen to another.
2. In Paint, write a small handwritten text.
The first stylus test failed. The second is expected too:

I twisted the stylus a little in my hand, the result is slightly better, but still bad:

The remaining two styluses passed the test easily:

The styluses are made in the form of a pen with a decorative button, the length without a button is 10.5 cm:

Photo with a stylus from the nearest store:

As a result, I am satisfied with the styluses, given their price: the stylus is lightweight, the body is metallic (aluminum or some kind of alloy with its composition), it is convenient to hold (subjectively). I decided not to open a dispute with the seller, put him 4 stars, described the situation with the recall. If it weren’t for the rejection rate, you could safely recommend the product for purchase, and so - at your own peril and risk, which can be minimized by asking the seller to pre-test the stylus before sending it.
Traditional product photo with kote