Bag a la postman for a reasonable price

On the eve of 2017, relatives tortured the question -What should you give for the New Year? Having examined myself at the time of moving around the city, I realized that I needed a new bag, the old one was not of a very presentable style, and was worn out in two years.
So, having drawn a section with bags for several days, I saw this instance, judging by the reviews, the material was good-looking and the price was pleasing to the eye. So the drafts are bare, that is, we order this one.
The seller was very sociable, immediately gave a coupon of $ 4, for the next purchase from $ 99, which pleased the eye, but did not please the wallet.
Weary days of waiting, everyday updates of the tracker went, and now, the order was already at the border, the seller sent it by Estonian mail, which had already transferred the order to the transport company in Ukraine.
Yuhuuu, I thought, I’ll have a bag soon,but I had to wait another week, and cancel the courier personally delivering it, as he was going to visit me on December 31, and I was planning a trip to my parents. Therefore, congratulating colleagues on the upcoming, I went to rescue the bag from the warehouse of the transport company. Total travel time is 18 days.
Well, let's start looking at what has arrived. Immediately I ask you not to beat with sticks, I photographed with a phone.
The order was packaged in tape, with a bunch of postage stamps

The bag itself was packed in a sealed bag, and in the appendage on top was a synthetic case. The departments of the bag were padded with polyethylene foam, which allowed the bag to keep in shape.

The photo from the site shows that the bag seems to be withtight skin, and should keep fit. In fact, everything is a bit wrong, as you can see, the skin is soft to the touch, pleasant to the touch, and so far not very pleasant to the smell. The smell is like that of leather goods, I attribute the concentration to the sealed bag in which she was traveling. The shoulder strap is fabric, stitched with flaps of leather along the entire length.

The workmanship was certainly pleased, normal lines, good material, no visible jambs were found. The sling belt on the main valve carries a purely decorative purpose.

I was glad that in addition to the seam, the shoulder strap fastening strap was reinforced with a rivet, thereby unloading the load from the seam.

The internal material of both suede flaps, though not very smooth, time will tell how it will behave with frequent contact with hands.

On all the magnets that are on the valves, there’s evensome marking that surprised me. The magnets themselves, of course, would be better if they were a little larger, since you can’t always close the bag by simply flipping the valve back without feeling for the return magnet.

The back wall consists of three rags, and one small pocket with a zipper.

In total, the bag has three main compartments, access toany of them is possible only after opening the main valve, the large section is also closed with a zipper, although it is not sewn into the corner, so when turning even closed on all bags, small things can fall out.
The department in the photo below does not have any zippers or magnets, you can use it for things in quick access.

The lining inside is pleasant to the touch, let's hope it does not creep.

The main department has two compartments for mobilephone or other small things, plus one zippered compartment, apparently for storing documents. The pockets are trimmed with a leather stripe, on the secret pocket there is a whip that is not yet clear to me, in order to pull the pocket for it, and not for the zipper, when searching for something in this pocket ...
A little depressing is the fact that there is not even one niche for a handle in a bag,

For a scale photo with a notebook of 20 by 15, and Kindle 5.

To summarize. The bag is made with high quality, the lines are relatively even and strong, the material is leather, the lining is normal, the color is nice, the designer scuffs of the material (some people were indignant at this, although it looks beautiful), the delivery is more than fast, considering the New Year’s eve. Of the minuses, only the lack of pockets for pens, and a bit small magnets on the valves.