Bag for the camera, 3 months later

I bought this bag exactly three months ago.
She served exactly two months. And she began to crawl safely at the seams.
But for the money that it costs it does not matter. She honestly served this time and can, in principle, serve further. After all, its performance was not affected. But first things first.
Externally, the bag is not very big. It has a nice, simple design.
Which does not stand out on the street and is very compact and easy to carry.
On the shoulder, it is almost not felt and not noticeable.

Made of nylon. This material is standard for most bags from the Middle Kingdom and not only.
Sewing quality is average. In many places, threads stick out. This will be seen in many photos.
External dimensions:
Height 18 cm
16 cm wide
Depth 14cm
Inner dimensions:
Height 16 cm
15 cm wide
Depth 11 cm
The capacity of the bag allows you to place a SLR or compact camera with a whale lens in it.
Also, a SLR camera equipped with fixed lenses will also climb.
I seamlessly carried a SLR camera with a 40mm or 50mm fix in it.
For example, the Canon + 40mm f / 2.8 camera + entered perfectly. The YongNuo YN-468-II Flash
By the way, all the photos are made on this particular set.

Right view. There is a mesh pocket

Left view. There is also a mesh pocket
From my own experience, I’ll say that they are, by and large, useless. Nothing good goes there.
In addition to a spare battery from the camera.

The view from the back. There are no pockets here.

Plastic carabiners and swivels on mounts. But durable.
Sometimes plastic is stronger than powder metal.
The fasteners themselves are sewn to the bag itself soundly. No complaints to them.

The bag is equipped with a single closed pocket. Later I realized that I was missing him. It is a pity they are not closed on the sides of the bag.

The bottom of the bag is not hard. This is bad. Could put a plastic plate there.

Inside the bag there are only two places for securing the partition.

One piece partition

After two months of use, he first gave the slack the seam of the carrying handle.

A month later, another seam was opened.

Inside was foam. Apparently they are packed with all the bags from the Middle Kingdom. Yes, and most likely branded bags, too.

In general, buying this bag as the main one is clearly not worth it.
It is better to purchase, for these purposes, something more reliable. Having studied the reviews and reviews before buying.
But the use of this bag as a second, third is quite possible. For example, for walks where exceptional compactness and stealth are needed. And all this for ridiculous money up to $ 10
Thanks for attention.
This is my first review. )))