Casual bag TWINS

We will review a men's bag for every day under the TWINS logo.
I really liked the bag.
This bag is made of PU Leather.
PU Leather is an artificial “leather” based on polyurethane. Those. this synthetic material is very similar in structure to genuine leather, not inferior in strength. And it also allows you to “breathe” like genuine leather.
Quality does not cause any complaints. I did not find any sticking threads. Not inside, not outside. Seams are even and dense

Product Dimensions:
Height 23cm
20cm wide
Depth 3cm
On the back we see a pocket with free quick access. This is convenient when you need to get something quickly.


Let's open the bag. Here we see another pocket and a magnetic latch.
The downside may be that it is a latch, andnot just a magnet. It would be more convenient if there was just a powerful magnet. To close the bag, you just need to get the latch! But this is nitpicking. Matter of habit.

Pocket 13cm deep
17.5cm wide

There is a pocket inside. A smartphone 6.5cm wide crawls into it.
An A4 sheet does not fit into a bag.

Now let’s estimate the total size per person

Let's sum up.
The bag is solid and very roomy. And most importantly, it’s not very expensive.
I think that with such a quality of tailoring is just a godsend.
Thanks for attention.
Well, according to tradition