Bag capable of holding a 10 ″ tablet + thin wallet

My old shoulder bag has long been lostappearance, but in the city nothing worthy in return could not be found. In addition, it was decided to upgrade the size so that you could carry a tablet in it. Inspired by the local review of a bag made of nylon, he went looking for similar to Ali. And what will happen next, we will now find out ...
Oh yes, under the cut, there’s also a thin men's wallet.
Poke, do not be shy.
Let's start a little from afar (anyone too lazy to read,wind up to the pictures). At one point, I realized that carrying wallet, passport, wet wipes, a knife and other paraphernalia in my pockets is not cool and convenient. Change the jacket according to the weather - and everything must be shifted. And in the summer, you have to limit yourself in the wearable.
With this in mind, I went to Sportmaster three years ago and found an Outventure bag for myself, it seems, for 399 rubles.
But the years go by, the bag, although it serves as before,but became very unpresentable. Yes, and I thought that it’s nice sometimes to take a tablet with you, so I began to plan to purchase a bag of the appropriate capacity.
Since the old bag more than once fell in the rain andthe contents got a little wet, I was looking for a new one with the criterion “waterproof”. And the budget was within $ 30, so I did not want to take Chinese dermantines from the skin. He began to study the market ...
Read on redlightgreen reviews of differentmen's bags, found one that matches the criteria. From there I got hooked on the swissgear brand, then I began to look for options on Ali and found the one of the same name sold. He looked at his bags and I liked the two, the subject of review and such. “Here it is,” in my opinion, looks more solid, but it obviously has 1 pocket less, and each compartment is important to me. Therefore, he stopped at the subject.
I asked the seller to make a discount for the review, heThrew off purely symbolically something about $ 1. But I already planned to write a review, so I paid and began to wait. They promised ePacket delivery, which should be faster than regular ChinaPost.
So, the bag came to the city after 13 days,technically, on day 14, you could try to find her at your post office. It would seem pretty fast? But the wallet, about which later came in the same period, while being sent by the usual checkpoint.
For lovers of tracks and packaging

The packaging was very simple, the bag came ina plastic envelope, inside was put in a bag with a logo. No air bubbles, cardboard or anything else. But in general, doing something bad with nylon is not so easy, so the goods arrived in good condition).
On a bag hung a cardboard with a description in Chinese(in view of the dubious value for the review, I forgot to take a photo and lost it). On the back, the recommended price is 495 yuan, which is somehow suspiciously much. If indeed they are sold in China at such a price, then I just have a fake on my hands ... Or the victim of a super-sale.
Photos, let's go

And here is the old bag

For comparison

There is no doubt that it will fit both 9.7 "and 10.1" and maybe even with a creak 12 "netbook.

The strap is embossed with a corporate logo. It also has a little thing to fit on the shoulder (if anyone knows what it's called, then tell me)

Fastens on one side with a buckle, on the other hand it is simply sewn

Let's see more details of the department.

Nothing special in the front pocket. Finishing under the skin under the zipper basically makes the appearance more interesting.

In the first compartment there is a net (as I believe, there is a place for a tablet), a pocket with a zipper, three pockets for small things, two loops for pens.

In the second compartment, a pocket was added in the middle. I decided to keep documents there.

Please note that the central pocket does not goto the bottom, i.e. 5 centimeters from the bottom are not separated. I don’t know why such a decision was made, but on the whole it does not bring either any convenience or disadvantages.
It is also worth noting that the second compartment opens with lightning almost to the bottom, as I suggested, to temporarily store something difficult to shove

And finally, the back pocket. For some reason, the designer decided to make a vertical zipper.
This structure imposes restrictions on portable items (something that can easily fall out or get enough sleep), but when you carry the bag on the left side, it’s even more convenient to use the contents.

About as much trash is carried in a bag.

There was a place for everything.
But the old bag contained the same thing, but it wasn’t very bloated (it was possible to accommodate a 2.5 "external hard drive there, as an option).
In the new bag, the stock, of course, is more impressive. There you can also push a 3.5 external screw, or push a 0.5l bottle, but then it will definitely swell. True, with a tablet, I would not dare to push something thick there.
Advantages and disadvantages:
+ Relatively inexpensive price and good workmanship
+ Can hold a 10 "tablet / netbook (seriously, is someone else using netbooks?)
+ Waterproof
+ Adequate number of branches
- No carrying handle
- You cannot fit a loaf of bread or a bottle of liquid larger than 0.5l
Photos on the body

It was time to write about the wallet. Together with the bag, it was decided to update the wallet. When I was a student, having a wallet with us was considered a bourgeoisie)) Three pennies were easily stored in trouser pockets.
But when it began to work, cards began to appear, I had to think about purchasing. And just dinodirect threw me a big discount on bundle wallet $ 100 bills (less than 5 bucks with delivery, it seems. pay attention to the current price on the link). Then I did not use Ali, but now there such $ 7.2 costs.
That's what happened to the old wallet in three years

Using it is already unrealistic. Four card compartments (I’m in shock, it only dawned on me that you can hold cards in your pocket for small items) at any gate, plus it frayed and discolored. Yes, and it looks like a cheap show-off, although the first year the cashiers already exhaled when they saw
And so tired of the thick shovels that I wanted something thin. Went to search for "Thin men wallet."
Requirements were: as thin as possible, strict appearance, many compartments for cards (preferably 8).
Here is like brown, but the seller had only black verticals in stock, and they looked very poorly in the photo. And there are several such goods, but all from one seller, albeit from different stores.
It was not so easy to find. Rag, with logos or bright shades did not want to.
As a result, having calmed the toad, he decided to take this one.
Keep snapshot of my order.
It seems pretty, like thin, there are a lot of card slots. There is even a compartment for little things (but I’m planning to put some sim or sd cards there).
He also asked me to sell some money inside to put, well, they say, for good luck)
Wallet came. But there is no money inside. F # poshniki.

I would put 5 kopecks, but I would be glad. Some cats are sold at the request of drawing on envelopes, but this one ... But oh well.
Be sure to watch the snapshot, if you didn’t look, and now we look at the pictures.

The thickness is slightly thinner than the old. But the old one is empty, and it's full.
Somehow the texture doesn’t really coincide, does it? Deceived sold, although the rating for him and the product sky-high. I wanted to complain already ... But for the sake of interest, this wallet found with the name of the manufacturer on Taobao. And I realized that, in principle, yes, the seller deceived with photos. But since an authorized reseller on a Tao sells a wallet that looks like mine, then the product is in theory “original”.
Perhaps you should have fought with the seller, but, II don’t think he would change the pictures on the page. And adjusted for the price of the Tao, he would have offered me a couple of bucks for a positive review and that’s all. As a result, I stupidly put 4 * with a detailed description of the problem, I hope at least they will publish it.
If I knew that such a shit would come to my appearance, I would pay 3 bucks and take such (although also not ideal, I do not like this form). On ebay you can also take a wallet from genuine leather within the same amount, but still they are plump.
For $ 10, I would love to take such a wallet. And for $ 19, there is no pleasure in buying. Well, I think this is not the last wallet in my life
Thank you all for your attention!