LED lamp for drying gel polish SUN5 48W UV LED - now with a bottom

Updated powerful lamp SUN5 48W with bottom and how it differs from SUN5 36W.
According to the information on the seller’s page, dimensionsthe lamps are exactly the same, the number of LEDs is also the same (empirically verified), the weight is different (since one of the lamps comes with a bottom) and the power consumption is 36W and 48W. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm or deny information about power consumption, since I still haven’t bought a multimeter (and I’m unlikely to buy it, it will not be useful to a girl in everyday life).
The debate about the power consumption of the lamps is alreadylong. The situation is complicated by the fact that due to the new combined LEDs with a wavelength of 365 + 405 nm. All SUN lamps dry gels and gel polishes very quickly, and the difference in drying time between models is about 5-10 seconds. In any case, these lamps dry their nails faster than all their predecessors.
About gels, gel polishes, varnishes and old lamps

In my opinion, both SUN5 lamps dry nailsequally fast. I play it safe and dry the varnish for 15-20 seconds, although it dries faster. A major role is also played by the brand of gel polish. “Bluesky” dries faster, and generally behaves better when applied, does not spread, does not taper, unlike “Elite99”, ordered on Ali. But, since Elite99 cost me 5 times cheaper than Bluesky, the mouse continues to cry, prick, but there is this cactus.
Now the seller both of these models are sold at the same price, if there is no difference, then why not take it with a bottom?
Delivery by Russian post somewhat battered the box (although SPSR mocks parcels no less).

The set includes instructions in English, the lamp itself and a wire with a euro plug. The power supply for this model is inside the case.

Due to the successful location of the LEDs close to the bottom of the lamp and on the sides, it evenly dries gel polish. Total LEDs 24 pieces.
The lamp turns on when the IR sensor orforcibly, by pressing the button (10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, the remaining time will be displayed on the display as a countdown). The on / off button also allows you to lower the lamp power to 24W if you or your client have very sensitive fingers. Before, I often used this function until I was told about a small life hack - if you feel a burning sensation, you need to pull your hand out for 1-2 seconds from the lamp and return it back, the oven will no longer be checked! I noticed that a burning sensation usually happens if the gel polish is not applied very carefully and gets on the skin or cuticle.
The lamp has a timer of 1-99 seconds, you can place your hand without pressing any buttons, the countdown will go immediately. I often use this particular mode.

The main difference and the same dignity of the updatedmodels - bottom presence. Now you don’t have to worry about random polymerisation of gel polishes in the bubbles next to the lamp. The bottom is removable, mounted on four magnets that are magnetized to the lamp screws. To remove / put on the bottom is simple and very fast.

Although LEDs are more safe for eyes than mercury lamps, anyway, when using a lamp, do not forget about safety measures - do not look at a direct light source.

Of all the lamps I have tested, my favorite is SUN5. It dries the varnish quickly, has a fairly closed case and very convenient controls, it has a timer and buttons. For traveling and traveling there is nothing better than the baby SUNmini, which I wrote about recently.

To be contunued ...