T-shaped machine BAILI Twist open shaver

A small overview on the metal T-shaped shaving machine, BAILI
Not so long ago I discovered "safe" razors and since then I have been looking for the best option for myself. So far, in favorites Replica Merkur Futur razor
A razor arrived in such a box, not counting the bubble wrap and the corrugated cardboard mail box.

The razor itself is stored in such a plastic case with the Baili logo

Weight - 120 gr.

There is a small mirror on the hinged lid
At the bottom of the recess under the razor and spare blades

The pocket mirror should facilitate the shaving process on the road / field.

The weight of the machine itself is 71 g.

Appearance without frills. It can be said classic. Grippy rib handle. It lies well in the hand, does not slip.

In order to insert a razor blade, it is necessary to twist the lower part of the handle. Unscrewing to the extreme position, we get this kind of

The blade is placed on top, fixed in a horizontal plane on a vertical guide plate

We twist the bottom of the handle back and the plates converge to their original position, pressing the blade against the guard.
During the tests, I noticed thatBy loosening / tightening the pressure of these plates, you can change the inclination of the blade relative to the guard, thereby regulating the aggressiveness of shaving. This allows the razor to better brush off the stubble. The limit of this adjustment is small, because with a large weakening we get the blade backlash in a vertical plane, which can lead to injuries. But we do not need this.
Departure of the blade is uniform, there are no distortions.

- High-quality processing and execution;
- Includes a case for storage and transportation;
- It is possible to adjust the aggressiveness of shaving;
- Low price;
- Available consumables (blades).
- It does poorly with long bristles.
This is rather ±, since the razor physically cannot capture the long bristles and at the same time provide a soft comfortable shave. Something has to be sacrificed.