BAILI T-shaped machine

I present to your attention a review from the series “In Search of the Shaving Machine”.
Not my first BAILI machine, but one of the most liked.
Price at the time of purchase 03.16.17 - $ 12.53
anti-plowing p. 18

The razor is delivered in such a cardboard box. Thick cardboard.

Inside, a razor and a not-so-useful brochure instruction.

Also, a box with blades, I will return to it a little later.

The machine itself.
The first thought, after unpacking - this thing will be damn slippery.

The machine is weighty - 101 grams.

But, a non-aggressive notch on the handle provides a pretty comfortable and reliable grip.

It is disassembled classically, the upper “cover” attracts the blade and guard by a threaded connection to the handle.

Let's go back to the box with the blades.
It is made of plastic.

The photo shows that it is not divided inside by a solid partition. In its lower part, a dull blade can be stored if it is not possible to dispose of it.

“Charge” the machine

Departure of a blade uniform, without distortions

The razor comes with a stand. Also shining with chrome.

The most convenient way to store a razor in it is this way.

For like that, it doesn’t quite work out, because ...
Outside, the razor does not let the base of the stand in the circle of trust of the stand

And if you immediately place it inside, then the razor does not hang on the "horns", but rests the handle on the base.

I have been using this razor for about two and a half weeks. Dorco blades and complete Baili.
Shave comfortably. There has not been a single cut so far. It takes a weekly stubble, but needs to be washed more often.
By the way, rinsing from bristles with foam / gel,the undoubted advantage of T-shaped machines, over machines with three and five blades, which have to be washed either very often, or using a brush, which blunts the blades.
At the moment, I mainly use it, even putting aside my favorite copy of Merkur Futur -
Thanks for attention!