Tactical Housekeeper)

Good day, today my small review will be about such a simple and convenient thing as a housekeeper.
But it's not about this key keeper at all.

According to the Chinese comrades, our heroine’s name is Mini Bag Men Women Design Money Car Key Wallets Pouch Military Wallet Bag for Pocket Chain Case Holder.
Before that, I had never used key holders, the keys were always lying around in my bag, trying to scratch or hook something. In the end, I got tired of it and I decided to end this disgrace.
The order was placed on Bachelor’s Day. I chose khaki, as this color is more striking than black.
The parcel went more than a month. Although it’s a decent delivery time, it’s one of the few that were ordered on 11.11 and arrived at least a month in advance, about 10 are still out there

From Mongolia for such a time, you can probably deliver on horseback. But no matter how sad it is, somewhere deep down there is a dream that our generation will have time to catch teleportation))) Eeeh would then heal ...

Dream well, but we must return to our review.
The key keeper was packed in a regular bag, but came in integrity (except for a small crack on the cord retainer, which I did not particularly grieve over)

The track code is “TEAPY ——–”, belongs to the logistics company “Transit Europe Asia” and in Yekaterinburg it has ceased to be tracked.

The housekeeper herself was in an airtight bag.

Everything is stitched soundly. The fabric corresponds to the price, I won’t say that it is very dense, but not flimsy either. I hope that the year will survive.

The principle of operation is extremely simple:
(and described for a long time)

  • we get
  • disclose
  • we pull out the keys
  • open the door
  • tighten the keys.
  • close

In fact, everything is much faster than on paper.

The key keeper is roomy enough, even a couple of key chains got in, but over time I want to change them to a small flashlight (the cord also shortened).

When closed, nothing sticks out, it looks compact, it lies comfortably in the bag and the bag will last much longer.
Pros: convenience, ease of use, price, quality.
Cons: material.
To summarize, I want to say that I liked the new thing, such a thing is suitable for everyone and will serve as an excellent Bosyak fitting sign of attention to relatives.
And for lovers of sophistication you can search for handmade leather key holders, there are enough masters of such things.

All with the coming! Health, happiness, peace, love! Hold on there ...