Quiet rechargeable wireless mouse at an affordable price.

Greetings, colleagues!
Wandering through the expanses of AliExpress, he stopped his gaze on such a wireless mouse.
I liked the fact that this mouse is positioned as quiet (i.e., without obvious clicking sounds made by plastic when pressing keys). I liked the design, the visible performance. And also the fact that this mouse model has a built-in lithium battery and it is charged through a standard microUSB connector.
Track number when ordering was issued by the sellerimmediately. This mouse came to me from Russia from Finland. Given that I ordered the goods before the New Year, and, more precisely, the package was sent on December 15, 2016, and on January 4, 2017 I took it from my post office - delivery took exactly 20 days, which is personally for acceptable to me.
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This is how the mouse looks in the hand

Everything, in general, is stylish and looks as originally stated by the seller in the picture.
Although, as for me, it would be possible to make a cable for charging black, not white. The same applies to the USB receiver, which, as you can see, is generally gray.
But these are, rather, design issues. There are no complaints about the functionality.

Soft touch touch in the middleplastic, on the edges there are small inserts of glossy plastic, the sides are completely made of ordinary plastic. The materials are quite satisfactory for such a mouse. The switch on the back side has three positions: “Light” - turns on the blue backlight, “On” - turns on the mouse, “Off” - of course, cap, turns off the device.
When the backlight is on, the lower part, the one called AZZOR, is highlighted in blue. The logo itself, when the backlight is on, cyclically flares up and then slowly fades away.
I almost turned off the backlight immediately. Hope this saves battery power.
Scrolling wheel works smoothly, without sharpjumps. When charging via microUSB, the wheel is highlighted in blue. At the end of charging, the wheel goes out, respectively, making it clear that charging is completed.
At the time of this writing, I charged itone only once after received. The mouse was charged for about an hour, until the wheel went out. Initially, of course, the battery already had some capacity. On this charge, it only works for a couple of days. Therefore, I can’t say yet how long it will work on one charge. I observe in dynamics. However, judging by the reviews on Aliexpress, people using such mice write that the battery in them discharges in about a week, and approximately one and a half to two hours are required to fully charge it. If so - then I am very happy!
Goes to sleep after about 10 minutes of inactivity. This mode is displayed by pressing any key. Accordingly, there is no need to often use the mode switch on the back of the device.

Two side keys, respectively - a buttonForward and Back in the browser. Middle button next to scrolling - DPI switching. I personally counted three points. For myself, I chose an acceptable, the latter, which, apparently, corresponds to 2400 DPI.
It is also worth noting that only the buttons of the left mouse click (LMB) and, accordingly, of the right mouse click (RMB) are “silent”. That’s enough for me.
During installation, the drivers are pulled up standard, the mouse does not have any graphical interface. Yes, in general, and not necessary. On my Win 10 it was installed without problems.
So, we have a fairly functional, inexpensiveand a convenient model with good build quality, with a built-in battery. This is a plus. The mouse is really quiet, clicks are not audible in practice, and are not annoying.
Of the minuses - a purely Chinese instruction. For the seller who sends their products worldwide - this is an omission. Could, at least, translate into English instructions.
But, in fact, this is not critical. If you want, you can figure it out intuitively.
The seller is adequate, pleased with the communication with him.
Thanks for attention!
UPD: So, at full initial charge, the mouse worked from January 4 to January 29. That is 25 days. With its active use.
At some point in time, the cursor just froze. The cursor did not react to buttons or to changing the position of the mouse. So I realized that the mouse "sat down."
I connected microUSB wires to it, - immediately the blue LED under the wheel lit up, signaling that the mouse was charging.
And, immediately, I was able, as before, to use the mouse for its intended purpose.
Simply, for the duration of the charge, the wireless mouse turns into a wired one.
In general, I am satisfied.