Fabric card holder for 28 cards

After the next discount card did not fit in my wallet, I realized that the problem needed to be solved radically.
That is, to look for ... mmm ... a card holder. For some reason, the word "card holder" has always been asked for the language, but this is clearly wrong.
In English, this item is called a "card holder". So let it be a “card holder."
Surprisingly quickly, Ali was found and the option that suited me was ordered.
Delivery took some completely unthinkable byby the standards of the Russian Post, ten days (however, I began to notice that in the last month or two the delivery of tracking seems to have really radically accelerated, this case is not an isolated one).
The parcel was tracked by tracking to the post office in Moscow.


With cards


Open side, open

The card holder is available in five colors - orange, green, pink, navy blue (? - navy) and black.
What is convenient, you can choose between three possible "capacities" or "sizes" - for 10, 20 and 28 cards.
The card holder for 10 cards is twice as “senior” brothers, as the card pockets are arranged in one row in it.
In cards for 20 and 28 cards, cards are stored in two rows, the difference is only in the number of cards in a row and, accordingly, in the height of the card.
Each size is presented in all five colors.
My version is orange and the largest in size, with 28 cards.
The color in the description is quite different from the real one, my card card is noticeably darker than in the photographs.
The card holder is sewn very high quality - there is simply nothing to complain about. Neat, even, symmetrical seams, threads do not stick out anywhere.
The fabric is dense, glossy and pleasant to the touch.
Velcro is powerful, accidental opening is excluded. But when you open it loudly crack, yes.
Some elements close up

The dimensions slightly do not correspond to the dimensions in the description - 255 mm x 190 mm in the unfolded state in fact, 280 mm x 195 mm according to the description.

Weight - 71 grams.

Inside the card holder there are 28 pockets for cards, each with a depth of 47-48 mm (I did not guess the process of measuring the depth to photograph).
Pockets step - 9-10 mm.
Cards are inserted tight and deep enough, which in my opinion is a minus.
It was possible to cram two cards into one pocket, but with difficulty, I would not risk storing cards like that.

The edge protrudes from the completely recessed cardno more than 5-6 mm, I would like more, since it is difficult to understand what kind of card is in the pocket. Discount cards - this is not what you use every day, then God forbid to forget about its existence ...
On the outside there is one pocket for the entire width of the card holder with a depth of 95 mm.
The thickness of the empty is 13 mm, if squeezed tightly, then it can be shrunk to 10 mm declared by the manufacturer.
The thickness in the state of medium occupancy (as in the photo above) is 18 mm.
I liked the card holder, they immediately ordered another one for my wife, green. So if the pace of delivery is not reduced in 10 days, I will post pictures of the green version.
I recommend the card reader.
The goods are purchased for themselves and at their own expense.
I add pictures and thickness measurements of a completely filled card.
Surprisingly, completely clogged with cards, it looks even nicer than half empty. The thickness in this case is 20-23 mm, that is, twice as thick as empty.

All 28 pockets filled (oddly enough, barelymanaged to find so many cards!). All cards are more or less standard plastic, the thickness of a credit card (I also have cardboard, they are significantly thinner, I did not use them).
Each pocket has one card.
When closed, Velcro fastened. On a completely filled card, Velcro fastened without problems, they themselves do not unfasten.


All four ends

Thickness measurement