Three types of tea + gift

Today I’ll tell you a little about Chinese tea, plus about the requested gift from the seller)
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As always, I will probably start with the delivery.
Tea was ordered on November 30, it only began to be tracked on December 8

Received December 24 in a gray bag (photo did not) + pimply bag
Opening saw two metal boxes + 5 pressed round tea + gift from the seller

The metal boxes are beautifully made, but the Russian Post tried a little and hid them.
The metal is soft and the dents are easily removed.

What we have inside our beautiful packaging:
10 sachets of 15 grams each

Teguanyin is packed in vacuum bags, and Da Hong Pao in ordinary ones.

Puer, as said above, is pressed paper rounds

I started tasting with Puer.
That's what is hidden under the wrapper

Well, the wrapper itself with inscriptions incomprehensible to me))

Prepared a tool for further work

This is my first experience in drinking Chinese teas, so I acted in accordance with the instructions that I dig on the Internet.
We break our kruglyash, pour tea into the teapot, and rinse thoroughly over the sink with boiling water.

Next, pour the tea into a teapot and fill it with water (hot)
Brewed for one minute.
Here's what we got from one round, brewing interval of about 20-25 minutes.

The taste of this tea is specific, there is no bitterness (there was one sad experience with brewing puer about 5 years ago).
It seemed to me that it smells like an old tree or an old book.
I don’t know if it was a self-hypnosis or not, but I felt a slight “tea drinking”,
slight dizziness, I painfully do not understand such conditions.
Next, the test passed Teguanyin.
The brewing principle is the same, I will not repeat

Brewed five times, but I think it would have been enough for more.
The taste of this tea is very pleasant. It seemed that there was a taste of lilac.
I drank 5 cups one by one))
I liked it very much, I advise you to take it.

The third tea was no longer photographed, because the meaning is the same, for 5 tea leaves the color has not changed.
It seemed to me that it tasted fruity, but very faint. I gave it to my mom, she said that it looked like a mango.
You can’t smell the fruit there.
In general, I really liked the tea.
In the future, I think to try other types.
Tea Links
Puer $ 5.99
Tiguayin $ 5.75
Da Hong Pao $ 5.23
Gift from the seller