4pin processor power line extension

Continuing reviews of unprecedented things, meet the processor power extension cord!
Not so much a review as information about what it is and where to get it
So I bought a new PSU for myself, of course, OEM, but the processor power wire was not enough, I googled, google, but nothing, googled nothing at all! It seems that in Russia about such extension cordsdid not hear at all. I was already thinking of buying some kind of adapter from Molex to 4 pin, but somehow I managed to pull it in a straight line to the port. Yes, doing so is not good, but I had few options. Well, in the evening I began to draw Ali. It was not easy there either: I also saw from molecules, I saw 8 pin, but four pin, and even so that I couldn’t find it at a reasonable price right away.
Cable length 6 inches, not counting connectors (yes, I have an inch ruler)
They have a drawback: to fasten them in 8 pin you need to work with a knife.

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