Weighty cheap mouse with an interesting pattern

... and with beautiful lighting!
Why did I buy it and I won’t write any other info - for this is of no interest to anyone.
What the mouse liked - the look announced by DPI and of course the price.
How it glows, how many DPI, how it is assembled, etc. below ...
Came in a box, which came as a complete surprise to me)

What does the mouse itself look like?

Wires a meter and a half, keep comfortable, no problem. On assembly - no complaints.
Weight 125 grams, which is also nice)
Date of manufacture November 2013
Measured DPI
1 - 600
2 - 1000
3 - 1400
4 - 2000
Not bad for that price)
But the most important thing is how it is highlighted. It looks very beautiful, constantly shimmers, all combinations of backlighting and you won’t take pictures)
I hid the pictures

For those who like unpacking)
Thanks for attention!