Vacuum packing machine

A few years ago came across a review of vacuumpacker DZ-300A, then it cost $ 140, and even at the rate of 31 rubles per dollar, it seemed to me very expensive. And recently I came across an advanced model DZ-280 / 2SE. priced at US $ 69.30 (US $ 68.40 in the mobile app).
In the summer, the question arose of storing dried saltedfish, he decided, rolling dried fish into jars (the first option with a lighted candle inside, the second tablespoon of alcohol in a jar and roll up). Now the question arose of preserving homemade cheese for a period of more than 4-5 days. I decided to buy and pack the fish in a film (although the option with a jar is also excellent, it has already been stored since July), as well as pack the cheese.
I placed an order on January 9 with delivery from Russia. And already on January 17 he took it to the point of issuance of IML Express. It cost me 54.18 including a $ 3 coupon from the seller and a double cashback.
Vacuum: 0.06Mpa
Solder Seam Length: 40-280mm
Electricity Requirements: AC220V 50Hz
Dimensions: 350 * 140 * 70mm
Weight: 2.5kg

Why did you choose this particular model? This is the only budget packer who packs simple, not special, corrugated bags (of those that I found), which are very expensive. One special package costs about 20-30 rubles. Conventional vacuum packaging bags are ten times cheaper. I bought 100 20x30 cm bags in the Metro for about 270 rubles.

Distinctive features of this model:
- Variable soldering time timer - you can seal a packet of any thickness with high quality
- Retractable nipple, thanks to it you can use simple packages
- Not afraid of water contents of the packages, i.e. You can pack juices, pickled meat (expel excess liquid into an external container)

Complete set (packer, 10 packages, instructionin English, a brief instruction with photographs, a certificate with the production date, 3 silicone tubes, an external container with a holder, a special tool for cleaning the nipple):


Appearance with extended nipple:

The sealing time timer can be changed from 1 to 9 seconds, for the “meter” packages I set 5 seconds.

To pack dry items, put a silicone tube as follows:

We place the package with the contents as follows:

We lower the handle down, we fix latches on both sides:

And press the button to pump out the airturn on, we correct the package so that all the air comes out, then press the long button (such as a space on the keyboard), hold it until the device is cleaned and the red light comes on.

Easy packed buckwheat:

Dried fish:

Dried Pears:

It turns out a wonderful seam:

Made homemade cheese.

And he packed it, pre-installing the external container and connecting the tubes as follows:

Excessive moisture (serum) has entered the external container.

After packing cheese, I cleaned the device by packing a bag of soapy water:

The cord is wound into a special place for him:

The packer is just great. I recommend everyone to buy. Thanks for attention.
P.S. My first review, I hope not the last, no cats (allergy)