External filter for aquarium 6W 400l / h. Model HW-602B

Hello again! Continuing the topic of aquarium accessories, as promised earlier, I will talk about an external 6W filter.
In the previous series: Juan Diego made peace with his Brief Introduction: I recently joined the community of fun aquarists, becoming the proud owner of an 80 liter capacity, which I am actively upgrading with various bells and whistles and telling you about them. To whom it became interesting - I ask for a cut (if someone urged it urgently - as promised earlier
In fact, the filter is the first thing I decidedto get, he just drove to me longer than the aerator, so the review is second to second. It all started like this: I went to an offline store, where I got a little pricky on the cost of filters - for a six-watt model they asked for 4900r (China) and 5600 (supposedly not China). I did not like it from the word at all. The second place in the search place was the Kalinin market (which animals, fish and birds, St. Petersburg people know), there they asked for 4000 - 5000 rubles for similar models. Cheaper, of course, but not for our brother, Aliexpress is our everything! The price range in the region of 2300 - 3000r. Well, well, I found it cheaper and ordered it.
Do not drop in here!

Aquas is installed on my dresser and occupies almost its entire surface. To prepare a place for the future filter, while I was waiting for the package, I bought a pair of brackets and a shelf in color.
Characteristics from the seller’s page: material: plastic (normal plastic, no complaints)
voltage: 220-240 V
frequency: 50-60 Hz
power: 6 W
Productivity: 400 l / h
size: 29 * 19 * 17 cm (well, as if "slightly" exaggerated)
Water column height: 0.85 m
Hose Diameter: 12 mm (inner)
Packing, equipment In the mail I took a big box weighing 1.95 kg. Inside, this is what happened:
-sealed can with nozzles
- three filtering foam foams of different density + synthetic winterizer cake
- two 12mm x 1m hoses
6W pump with Chinese plug and adapter for EURO
-one ball valve (thread / hose)
- a set of tubes for collecting a system of intake and spraying water
many pictures of the box and contents

Preparing a place to install a filter
So, the first thing I tried on and sawed off dostochka in the color of the chest of drawers and screwed the brackets

On the back of the future shelf I placed two tees (one is always on, the second through the Sonff TH10 timer)

I screwed the shelf to the dresser - it turned out somehow

Refinement of the water intake system Here is the entire set of pipes that came with the filter:

It was supposed to assemble two such structures from these tubes:

But both squiggles turned out to be completely shortfor my aquarium. For the sprayer, I took one knee from the set of the intake structure, for the intake structure I had to cut a tube from another plastic hose for pumping water (from bins). These sizes fit me well:

I stuck the head of the water intake with epoxy, I didn’t come up with anything better

In addition about the filter and the pump
The filter cover locks are designed as latches on a suitcase. The plexiglass latch itself, an interference fit due to a metal bracket. If you do not knock on them with pliers and do not drop the filter onto concrete, they will not break

The tightness of the lid provides a silicone ring that fits snugly into the neck of the can

The upper nozzle inside the lid also feels sealed with silicone rings (it rotates), the lower one is screwed with a silicone seal

The pump is quite weighty and unusual for me - the whole anchor with a magnet and vanes is pulled out

Installation, inclusion in work
Well, all the preparations are finished, I collect the filter in a heap (I collect the other way around so that the water flows from bottom to top), I connect the nozzles

I had to suck in a little bit (as in the last picture of the instructions on the box), so that the water filled the system, then turned on the filter - the water washes from the exhaust flute. Works!

There is still little water, because he “vacuumed” the stones, poured a couple of tens of liters. A new portion is still defended.

He added the settled water to hide the exhaust flute - in the aquas there is silence and peace and extraordinary beauty)))

Such a filter as it is in my opinion requiresat least minimal refinement - namely, replacing one foam rubber with ceramic tubes for propagating a colony of bacteria (biological filter). as promised earlier
If cost is a decisive factor for you- I can safely recommend it. The main components - the flask, the pump are made reliably and tightly, the kit includes all the necessary hoses, pipes and faucet.
For a large aquarium additionally requiredcompletion of water intake and drainage systems. Anyway, I was satisfied with the filter - now you do not need to get into the aquarium, the filter does not make noise at all - you need to put your hand to the motor to understand that it works. And the aquarium began to look more aesthetically pleasing without a black calabakh inside.
Those who are lazy to bother with modificationsit’s better to buy a ready-made solution more expensive. And I remind you: read the materiel before buying (i.e., study the question to understand what you are buying). Aquarium - this is not for you to cook dumplings - this is a closed ecosystem!
Good luck and positive to all! See you soon.