Hello cat, new year!

Good day!
Reading once again, redlightgreen stumbled upon a stock and decided to please his cat with a new new thing for the New Year ...
Unfortunately, or maybe even fortunately (why, described just below), the package only got to the Chinese New Year.
Appearance is more or less normal, and the quality is quite consistent with the price, the more one-time goods, to please the cat and himself on NG.

Tearing a small package into small pieces, he began to try on a new thing on a cat.

Koteyka was very upset that I did not guess with the size, although they gave only a small size for the action and at first even was shy about posing.

And then he got tired at all.

In general, the thing is interesting, but not at full cost. But guess with the size.

PS. Immediately, I apologize, the review is entertaining in nature, I did not take measurements.
PPS Link to the product is no longer available, inserted a similar one.