Fluorescent Keyboard Stickers

Recently, the question arose about the backlight buttonskeyboard on a laptop. Shoveled a bunch of options, I realized that very few options are suitable for my old laptop. The choice was between a USB flashlight or fluorescent stickers. Since it is uncomfortable for me to work at night with additional light sources, the USB backlight disappeared immediately. Although many say it’s better to work formonitor with an additional light source, I unfortunately can not accustom myself to this. That left the only choice - stickers. Having rustled a bit on the Internet about the dangers of fluorescent paint, I came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with it.
Fluorescent paint is now used very often in interior decoration, objects and so on.
Well ... try!
Sending to Ukraine came in 12 days. It was packed in a cardboard box. The letters were not dented, the seller gently bent the middle along the seam.

The sticker consists mainly of letters and numbers. Unfortunately, buttons such as F1, F2, ctrl, alt and the second Shift are absent. But this is quite enough to navigate the buttons and type texts in the dark.

The sticker is covered with a rather thick film forwear resistance. Unfortunately, the letters are the same color, but differ in size, so it’s easy to navigate when typing ... at least I had no problems. When applying stickers to buttons, it is recommended that the buttons be cleaned of sweat and dust. When gluing, it is recommended to strongly press down ... the stickers hold well! There were no problems at work.
So ... a great idea occurred to me! Once upon a time I purchased a protective keyboard case for a laptop. Having thought it over, I decided to apply it in practice, namely to put stickers on a silicone case. Since I need backlighting at night, it would be more reasonable to throw the cover during the day, for example, to throw it into the light (by the way, the “charge” sticker is pretty fast and lasts a very long time ... it’s enough for the whole night), and when I need the backlight, put on the cover. From the advantages, I get a rarer contact of fingers with stickers (which means that wear resistance increases significantly) and for one I do not burden myself with further tearing off the sticker buttons. Well, as they say to each his own ... I chose the best option for myself

The stickers are not quite thin, which inspires confidence. Hold on silicone tightly, tear off or shift the sticker without improvised means will be very difficult

So ... the gluing job is over, it looks pretty good for me

As for the speed of “charging” stickers ... meit took up to 30 seconds to hold in a tight near the lamp and the glow was already visible even in daylight. In the usual daylight, indirect light, everything is also well “pulling”.

Well, as a result ... a laptop in complete darkness

So far I have been very pleased with this littleupgrade your old laptop. Unfortunately, nobody knows how long these buttons will last, but their price is very affordable. If you don’t see other options for backlighting your keys on your laptop, I highly recommend buying it!