Photo review of a wireless gaming keyboard with backlight

As one of my acquaintances from the movie said: "A talker in his own eye does not notice a log."
For this reason, I will be brief and concise (but this is not accurate). A lot of photos, little text.
The spatio-temporal vibrations of the universe brought such a box into my hands.

As promised by honest sellers from China, this is an all-in-one gaming wired keyboard with LED backlight. An attentive person will immediately pay attention to the upper right corner of the front side of the box, namely this:

wireless ...

We study the declared declared characteristics on the back of the box, pay attention to the cable length of the wireless keyboard and everything immediately falls into place.

We’ll skip this point and talk briefly about the main qualities a gaming keyboard should have:
1. The quality of the materials themselves. Such devices should experience titanic loads and remain in working condition, this includes not only multi-million dollar pressures, but also extreme loads in the form of shock and throwing against the wall in a state of affect;
2. Programmable keys that allow you to conveniently switch between keyboard modes and, as a result, a memory module to save these settings;
3. Registration of parallel clicks. Regular USB keyboards support up to 6 simultaneous keystrokes; above do not register. In gaming keyboards, this figure should be significantly overestimated (only keyboards with PS / 2 output have an unlimited number of parallel clicks, and then if the manufacturer has not set the restriction independently);
4. The minimum response time.
5. Backlight (no).
Opening the box, we see here such a pretty device:

We connect and enjoy the backlight.

Two more backlight modes

Everything seems to be in order, although let's take a closer look

A defect expressed in incomplete character highlighting is a consequence of its simple design (we will consider further in the review).
The multimedia keys on the keyboard are in sufficient quantity and work correctly without installing third-party software.

At the bottom of the keyboard are shaky, short-lived legs, and rubber inserts that prevent slipping, glued on parole.

ATTENTION! SHOCK CONTENT is hidden in the spoiler, do not watch nervous pregnant lactating mothers under 18
Cold-blooded autopsy of a minor Azaitian woman

Gradually reached the finals. Briefly on the points:
1. The quality of materials leaves much to be desired, cheap plastic (it is unlikely to withstand a series of blows), weak legs, unreliable rubber inserts, the USB cable is not thick and not strong.
2. There is no choice of operating modes, programmable keys or internal memory.
3. The number of registered parallel clicks is declared 19, I really didn’t find out if this really matches, but it registers 10 parallel clicks without any problems.
4. Response time is satisfactory, during numerous tests of friezes it was not noticed.
5. Backlight. The spoiler shows what it is. IMHO it would be better if it limited itself to the details of the design, or was absent altogether.
6. The keyboard is membrane. For the gaming keyboard, this is a minus, but despite this, the clicks are pleasant, the course is smooth and elastic (while the membranes are alive of course), there is no rattle.
Can I call her a game? In principle, I can, but with a big stretch.
As a bonus photo of all my animals.

And I will end with the words of the same comrade: “Do not like it - do not eat. Don’t go ahead, dad. ”