3.5 form factor front panel with 2 USB 3.0 and HDA ports

Soundly assembled device. It performs its stated functions. More details under the cut.
For many, the case was purchased when the newthe universal serial bus standard was just being spoken. At the next upgrade, I decided not to change my not the cheapest case, despite the lack of USB 3.0 connectors on the front and a rather considerable service life. But not so long ago I had to seriously think aboutbuying a front panel due to the presence of a moody USB 3.0 HDD (falls off in USB 2.0 connectors). At first I looked in the direction of multi-functional “combines”, but then I realized that I simply didn’t need much, and there was no desire to hammer in a small space in a cramped casing with extra wires. Also, not very positive reviews on Chinese multi-panels pushed me away. In particular, complaints about their quality, and sometimes, the need for improvement. I decided to stay on a simple, ready-made version of the panel.
The package arrived quickly and without problems. I was surprised by the packaging - the seller in good faith prepared the panel for transportation in harsh conditions, wrapping it with soft material and wrapping it with film.
This panel does not carry any controller,But it uses the built-in motherboard, that is, you can only use it if you have 20 (actually 19) USB 3.0 pin connectors on the motherboard (or a separate controller).
A photo

The wires are harsh, but if you want to laybeautifully possible. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to measure their length before installation, but I think it will be quite enough in almost any case. If you do not plan to use the HD Audio connectors, then there is the possibility of unfastening the corresponding cable from the board. I didn’t do this, since the case headphone jack failed from the frequent “back and forth”.
The design is simple, but the quality of the materials pleases. The case itself is metal, neatly painted with black paint. The connectors are also metal, fitted exactly. A little embarrassed only by the lack of a screw in the center (seen in the photo), but I easily corrected this annoying oversight. The board itself, most likely, goes as universal (used in other versions of panels, etc.), this is evidenced by the presence of extra pyataks.
The first time the panel did not work. Power was supplied to the devices, but the system did not report the connection of new equipment. The case turned out to be a loose connector, which fits very tightly into the connector.
USB 3.0 HDD normally worked in both ports, no shutdowns were observed. The same applies to the operation of the headphones in the 3.5 mm audio jack. I can’t check the operation of the microphone output, because at the moment I do not have a mini-jack microphone, but I think there should not be a problem with it.
In its place

The speed of the external USB 3.0 A-DATA hard drive is absolutely equal in both ports:

At the time of purchase, this panel cost me in491.07 rubles Now, unfortunately, its cost is much higher. So for those who want to place an order, I advise you first to look for analogues in the stores of your city, maybe save.
I almost forgot the kote:
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