Good bag

Briefly - if you liked the photo, it costs 100% compliance.
Hello everyone, this redlightgreen / blog / aliexpress / 18032.html, although it didn’t break, it’s already tired :). Having studied the local assortment and not finding anything acceptable except bags from 3 thousand rubles from leatherette, I decided to order from China.
Delivery, traditionally to Moscow quickly - and then the hard way to the Crimea
Delivery screen

I won’t write much about the bag, because pouring water in reviews of commonplace things is how long it takes to talk on the phone, that is, a lot of time is wasted, but little use).
The bag is capacious, well stitched - not a single oneno sticking thread was noticed. On the front and rear walls there is a "seal" to maintain shape. There are two main compartments, in one of them there are “bags” for telephones or similar items, in the other there are zippered pockets, as well as two more compartments on the front and back sides.
The material of the bag - it feels very durable, the lining material - not to say what is credible, but time will tell. The belt is wide, the material is tight and durable.
Dimensions: 23x26x8 cm.
Smell: smelly, Chinese :) but two days links to the open balcony corrected this matter
Next, a photo of the bag itself, as well as a photo “on the body”.
Business card from the seller

A photo